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Defining SEO KPIs for your Assisted Living Community

SEO (search engine optimization) is the art of driving online traffic to your website through the organic search engine results page (SERP). The web is a huge place with similar businesses and websites clamoring for attention. SEO is one way website owners get visitors, who are interested in their products, [...]

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How to Attract & Manage Online Reviews for Your Law Firm

Online reviews play a vital role in your digital marketing efforts. More specifically, your online reputation. A five-star average review can have clients knocking down your door. On the other hand, a thread of bad reviews (or even one) can tarnish your reputation. Online Reviews & Their Effect on Your [...]

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How to Design the Perfect Website Layout for Your Treatment Center

Did you know the average visitor decides whether they like your site or not in less than half a second. Web visitors tend to develop their initial level of trust based on the visual arrangement of a website and how well the information is presented. This means that if you [...]

Creating Compelling Content for Your Assisted Living Facilities Blog

Content is an integral part of the internet. From websites to your favorite social media platform, content is ubiquitous. Songs, web pages, pictures, videos, articles, and blog posts are all forms of content the average internet user consumes daily. On YouTube, users watch 5 billion videos daily. Customers spend over [...]

How to Create a Successful Drug Rehab Alumni Program

Once your clients leave the safety of your drug rehab and begin to transition back into daily life, they need to stay empowered. Relapse is never desirable, but it’s a reality most will have to face. All the recovery skills they learned in the residential- based program are vital. However, [...]

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