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Our Content Creation Service aligns blog copy with your prospective clients interests and SEO best practices.

We produce over 50,000 words of copy for clients every single month.

Our ability to satisfy user intent and author copy that ranks on Google, Yahoo and Bing is what sets up apart from competitors.

We call this process “Alignable Content.”

Alignable Content – Aligning copy with the searchers intent while at the same time optimizing for SEO.

Content Services

A La Carte Copy

If your blog or inner pages need a one-time make over, we offer fixed pricing for a la carte services. Give your service or product pages a face lift or have us contribute a few pieces to the blog.

Ongoing Content Strategy and Execution

A Few Stats provided by Content Marketing Institute

Content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less.

Small businesses with blogs get 126% more lead growth than small businesses without.

Content Marketing is the most effective content SEO strategy.

The statistics and evidence behind the effectiveness of producing high quality content on an ongoing basis are astonishing.

The Rocket Pilots team can help with your overall content strategy and execution.

Typically the content we produce will serve some or all of the following objectives:

  • Improve SEO Rankings
  • Setup Link Building Campaigns
  • Improve Domain Authority
  • Provide Content for Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Enhance Site User Experience
  • Provide Content to be Shared on Social Media
  • Provide Content for Boosting on Facebook
  • Provide the framework for your next marketing video

Our Content Production Process

We began by thoroughly understanding your goals. Once the objectives are clear we conduct research on the following areas:

  • Keywords
  • Phrases being searched
  • Your competitor’s content
  • What search engines are returning as results for certain searches. This helps us better understand how search engines have interpreted the intent of the individual conducting the search

Blog Topic Selection  

Subsequent to our research we are able to start coming up with great ideas for the blog. All of our ideas are original and aim to provide a great experience to site visitors.

Since we are an SEO company, we ensure the content can rank on the Search Engines Results page and drive new Organic Traffic to the site.

We utilize a variety of tools and public forums to better understand your clients interests and needs.

Here are a few of the tools we take advantage of when developing blog topic ideas for your brand:

  • Ahrefs Content Explorer
  • Buzzsumo
  • Quora
  • Google’s Search Suggestions
  • The “people also ask” boxes on Google’s search engine results page
  • The “searches related” at the bottom of Google
  • Popular YouTube videos
  • Reviewing high performing competitors in your industry
  • Search Data – Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Keyword Tracking software

Editorial Calendar

Once we have a start on the first few topics we launch your Editorial Calendar. An Editorial Calendar outlines what topics we will be writing about and the focus keyword or phrase we will be targeting.

The calendar also illustrates the reason we selected the topic, what objectives the content will fulfill and the “stage” of the buyer’s journey we are targeting. Content will be classified as Top of Funnel, Middle of Content or Bottom of Funnel.

Top of Funnel: This type of content will aim to create brand “awareness” and help your prospective clients self educate. They are probably not ready to become a client yet but are eager to come across insightful answers to their questions.

Middle of Funnel: This is the “evaluation” stage where your prospects are conducting research and evaluating whether your business is a good fit for their needs. During this stage of the sales funnel your prospect is becoming more likely to make a purchase or become a client. Your content will now be more convincing with the goal of building a relationship.

Bottom of Funnel: The final stage or “purchase” stage is where the prospect has decided to move forward. If they are still looking at your brand, it is most likely between you and maybe one or two competitors. This is where they need a little nudge and the content can be more pointed and convincing.

Ready to start the conversation about your content strategy? Contact us today for your no obligation consultation and content quote!

Content Creation Services FAQ

1. How long is each blog posting? Each blog is about 2,000 words and this is not an arbitrary number. serpIQ conducted a conclusive study to determine the optimal word count for long form content. They taught the SEO and Content Marketing community that pages ranking in positions 1-10 had about 2,000 words.  At Rocket Pilots, we have made this word count per posting our standard.

2. Can I purchase just one blog posting? Absolutely! While most of our clients are interested in a long term strategy, you most certainly can purchase content a la carte. You can work with us for one-piece as a trial and then add more on once you’ve had a great experience. If your wondering what the experience of other clients has been, check out our Google Reviews.

3. Is the content unique? Yes. The content is unique and passes copyscape with a perfect score.

4. Do you use the same content for multiple clients? Never. Our team is the best in the business at coming up with unique content ideas for your brand, goals and objectives.

5. Does your team have experience writing about my industry? Well, it depends on your industry! We mostly produce content for Law Firms, Assisted Living Communities and Addiction Recovery Facilities. With that said, our team of writers has deep experience writing for a variety of different brands and industries. Ask us today if we’ve have the skills to support your content needs.

I have attempted to answer the 5 most common questions I am asked by small business owners about Content. If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to call 858-775-4110 or email me at I hope to hear from you soon.