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When it comes to executing San Diego SEO services, we are incredibly well read, experienced and have a proven track in competitive industries.  We’ll be prepared to ensure you will learn the following just by scheduling a consultation a free consultation:

  • Why small business owners have been mistreated by below board SEO Companies – We’ll explain how to never let it happen to you!
  • What Local SEO factors need to be improved for your business
  • What Technical SEO components need to be improved on your site
  • What On-Page SEO factors need to be improved on your site
  • Your Desktop & Mobile Speed Scores
  • Why Content Marketing is critical to SEO & how we we’ll do it for your business
  • Why smart business owners have an Editorial Calendar how we’ll produce one for your company
  • Learn about why we provide detailed reporting of the work we completed for you each month
  • Learn why we don’t believe in long term contracts
  • How your San Diego SEO campaign will increase revenue and produce a positive ROI

Just for scheduling a call, we will will send you a report on how your competition is marketing and what needs to be done to improve your Local SEO and Back Link Profile. Take action today!

    San Diego SEO Services by Rocket Pilots

    When you need SEO services for your San Diego business, you’re going to want Rocket Pilots flying by your side.

    You can no longer make it to the first page of Google by simply focusing on a few Technical SEO Factors. Our approach includes Local SEO, Technical SEO, On-Page SEO, Speed Management, Mobile, CRO, Content and Link Building.

    You won’t find another San Diego SEO company that combines all of this disciplines of SEO at an affordable price point.

    We are not your typical SEO firm! Too many marketing professionals use fancy marketing jargon and end up confusing clients. During review meetings, we show clients exactly what we did for them the previous month and clearly present the plan for the upcoming month. Our clients understand their monthly SEO efforts and feel confident that they are properly represented.

    Our San Diego SEO services began with a complete audit of your current website. This process allows us to identify and prioritize areas that need to be improved. We need to know if your site has crawl errors, non optimized images, thin content, slow load times or penalties from Google. There are about 20 factors we review when auditing the Technical SEO components of your site.

    Subsequent to Keyword Research, we take care of your On-Page SEO. This is where we look at Title Tags, URL Structures, Meta Descriptions, ALT Tags, quality of content and internal linking structure. Because having perfectly optimized pages is key to ranking a site we evaluate about 15 different factors for your On-Page SEO.

    Now, it’s the fun part! The production and promotion of high quality and engaging content. We will be creating your product/service pages and long form blog postings full of royalty free multimedia. If you’re interested in examples, just check out some of our blog postings. Expect the same type of quality for the content for your business! Subsequent to building a library of content assets, we will launch Link Building campaigns to rank the content faster.

    Too many SEO companies do not practice what they preach. But not at Rocket Pilots! At Rocket Pilots, we produce original blog articles which are uploaded to our throughout the month and distributed to our Social Media Properties. In 2020, the production of high quality content is an integral part of your digital marketing strategy.  I know you will find our content to be of the highest quality. We certainly do not turn around and hire a 3rd party SEO company for our own SEO (psst… lots of larger SEO’s companies do exactly that. I can’t believe it!).

    We know business owners don’t want to guess what content will be produced. Consequently, we provide you with an editorial calendar. Your content calendar shows which blog topics or product pages will be produced by Rocket Pilots and when.

    Lastly, your content will uploaded to your site and your Social Media Properties. Pick the right package and we’ll execute an expert level backlinking strategy. Backlinks from authority publishers in your niche will show Google your site is noteworthy and relevant to prospective customers.

    With San Diego SEO Services from Rocket Pilots you receive a thorough package covering all aspects of SEO. More importantly, we focus on results, communicate our accomplishments and report on what matters, revenue!

    We take pride in upholding the highest level of integrity in the industry, honesty, transparency and accountability.

    Call or email us today for your no obligation consultation 858-775-4110

    Before hiring Rocket Pilots, Lakeside Manor, a business of 25 years had never acquired a resident from Organic Search. They now routinely fill empty rooms with new residents and avoid paying outrageous referral fees to third party sites.

    Batta Fulkerson operates in one of the most competitive industries, Personal Injury Law with a concentration on representing Dog Bite victims. Even though there are hundreds of well established PI firms in San Diego, we were able to successfully rank the site on page one for important keywords:

    The objective of our work is to increase month over month organic traffic and help you turn site visitors into revenue. Most SEO companies avoid the discussion about ROI, while we look forward to the conversation. Will your company be our next success story? Contact us today for a no commitment consultation.  

    San Diego SEO Service – FAQ

    1. Do I have to sign a long term contract? We understand you do not want to be locked into a long contract. At Rocket Pilots we offer month to month agreements. We have a clear and simple clause requiring a 30 term notification of termination. This allows both parties to properly prepare for the transition. We agree that long term contracts are annoying so we have decided to earn your business each and every month.

    2. Can you guarantee my site will be on the first page of Google? No. Actually, you should not do business with any SEO professional who makes this claim. However, there are a some guarantees we are willing to make! We promise to conduct a proper analysis of your website(s) Technical, Citations and On Page SEO prior to getting started. The information we learn from the CMS, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Keyword Ranking Tools and conducting live searches play an integral in the construction of your SEO project plan. We also promise to do a review of your Local SEO and competitors to look for other opportunities to improve your SEO.

    3. I had a bad experience with an SEO company in the past, how can you ensure me this won’t happen again? You are not alone. Unfortunately there are some independent SEO professionals and sales reps of digital marketing companies that oversell their companies products. Some commission driven sales reps are motivated by short term goals and bonuses for their next paycheck. These goals in combination with pressure from middle management can compel people to embellish the truth and over promise. By no means, I am saying this about all salespeople. There are some great and highly ethical salespeople in the industry. Unfortunately, there are also some bad eggs. If you were the victim of a poorly executed SEO plan that cost your business a ton of money and did not provide results, I am incredibly sorry to hear the news.

    I have actually seen this scenario one too many times and it really frustrates me. Solving this problem is one of the main inspirations I had for starting Rocket Pilots. I ensure this will never happen to our clients by being incredibly thorough from the onset, committing to clear & frequent communication and agreeing on expectations from the start. If a prospective client has too lofty of a set of expectations, we walk form the deal, shake hands and part as friends. I would rather be honest upfront then have an upset client later. We create relationships built on honesty and trust. This strategy outputs fewer clients, but higher quality clients that will stay with us for an extended period of time.

    4. How do you measure success in SEO? How do I know what you are doing each month is working? Great question and I am glad you asked! First and foremost we talk about the objective of the campaign and make sure we are on the same page. Let’s say for example you are a Dentist and you want to show up on the first page for “Encinitas Dentist” and “Cosmetic Dentist Encinitas.” But, at the moment your site is listed on page 10 for those keywords. You will first review our analysis and SEO project plan for your dental practice. It’s important you understand the importance of the items in the SEO project plan and how they were prioritized. We are happy to compare the tasks and tactics against industry leading publishers and renowned experts like Neal Patel, Brian Dean, Matt Cutts, Moz and Search Engine Land.

    From there, we will get to work and met with you every month to review progress. If we show the site is moving through the rankings and your site is now on page 9 and then 7 and then 5, etc… You know your plan is effective and you are on your way to page 1. An investment that will pay huge dividends! Now you know you picked the right partner for SEO for dentists in San Diego!

    5. How long does it typically take to see results? Typically about 4-5 months until we really start seeing strong results. Of course it depends on your industry and how competitive the keywords are. For example, we ranked a site for a profitable keyword in the Addition Recovery industry in 2 months. This is because there was not a lot of competitors for the specific addiction they were treating. So, while SEO for a San Diego Addiction Recovery Facility did not take long, it could be more time consuming for say, an Insurance Company. But, if you have a local San Diego business, 4-5 months is a good high level rule of thumb if you have expert level SEO support.

    6. How much will SEO cost? It really depends on your specific needs and SEO campaign will be launching for your business. Typically, packages range from $600 a month to over $3,000 a month. The specific cost for your business will depend on large your site is, the specific challenges and how much content you would like produced each month. While we have pre-designed packages, we can also customize a package to help fit a budget or a accomplish a more specific goal.

    7.  I hear “content” is important. Does my SEO plan need content? The short answer is yes. Of course, you can find examples of sites that rank that do not have content strategies but they are becoming few and far between. Google looks for high quality content produced on a regular basis. They are looking for unique (original) and consistently produced content. The content should be truly helpful to site visitors. You can get away with starting with Local and Technical SEO but you will eventually need to roll out a content strategy. when I say content, I am taking about a regularly updated blog with a least 1000 words with each blog post. Writing an blog post optimized for SEO is a skill. It requires the use of internal links, external links, multimedia, LSI keywords, optimized images, appropriate placement of target keywords, title tags, meta descriptions and a variety of other tactics. Other content pieces could be videos, infographics and white papers.

    Most companies have one company for SEO and another for content or simply neglect the content component all together. We are the only company I know of in San Diego that combines Local SEO, Technical SEO On Page SEO with a content strategy.

    8. Can we contact a client for a reference? I am proud to say we have several clients that would be happy to share their experience. In fact, every time we bring on a new client, my personal goal is to turn them into a client that will be glad to provide a reference one day in the future. If I can achieve this goal, we will have an ever growing portfolio of champion clients that are producing a positive ROI from their marketing campaigns with Rocket Pilots. Keeping this goal in mind, ensures we provide premium customer service and work exceed client expectations.

    9. What is the difference between SEO and Pay Per Click? After a google Search, Google Will display the Search Engine Results Page. Let’s say you googled “San Diego Attorney.” At the very top and the very bottom of the page there are a few Pay Per Click ads identified by a small Box that says “Ads.” Example below:

    San Diego Attorney

    The companies listed in these ads are running a PPC campaign on Google’s Advertising platform called AdWords. Every time their ad is clicked they will be charged. In the case of an attorney, the fee will be steep, $25.00 or more per click. Form there, the advertiser (attorney or directory) hopes the prospect will take action after landing on their website.

    The listings you see, when you scroll down on Google are the “Organic” Listings. When we talk about SEO, we are talking having your website show up on the 1st page of Organic Listings on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

    With PPC, you can have a campaign up and running quickly. You will be charged per click, so it’s important to have a budget set aside exclusively for PPC.

    SEO is an investment. You’re goal is to show up on the 1st page of Google for the Organic listings. In the ideal world, you would like to show up Organically while concurrently running a profitable PPC campaign.

    10. What do I need to provide to get started with SEO? To launch a successful SEO campaign we will need access to your websites back end. You can add us as a user to your WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, Joomla, Drupal or other Content Management System (CMS). We will also need access to Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, FTP Access, access to all Social Media Properties and Directory Listing logins (YP, Yelp, SuperPages, etc…)

    If you have not setup any of the items listed above, we will setup them up for you as part of the service. If you are not sure how to provide access, don’t worry, we will be here to guide you through the process!

    11. Will you manage my directory and citation listings? Absolutely!  We ensure your Name, Address and Phone Number are consistent on Google My Business, prominent business directories, niche directories and local directories. We manage all of the listings and provide you centrally hosted documents with links to your listings including login credentials.

    12. What about Yahoo and Bing? Do you do SEO for Yahoo and Bing?

    Great question. A lot of business owners assume Yahoo and Bing are irrelevant because Google is so dominant. It’s true that Google receives more traffic, but Yahoo and Bing can still send a sufficient amount of quality traffic. Yahoo/Bing users are also typically a higher income demographic. Since most people optimize on Google first it’s actually easier to rank on the Yahoo/Bing Network. We setup your site on Bing Webmaster tools and implement best practices distinct to Yahoo and Bing to rank your site.

    13. What about backlinking? Will Rocket Pilots manage a backlinking program?

    Content, Backlinking and RankBrain are the three most important ranking signals. So, of course backlinking will be part of your SEO campaign.  We produce high quality content that is worth linking to, so convincing other site owners to link to your content is easy. We utilize an industry leading tool called ahrefs to review your competitor link profiles and to identify backlinking opportunities for your brand. Form there; we manage a highly organized outreach program to acquire new links.

    14. What does your reporting entail and can I see a sample report?

    I think I know why you are asking! Many of our competitors just export Google Analytics reports or Google My Business Reports. We provide all of our clients a monthly report with the actual task items completed for the month. The report is organized by different categories of SEO like Technical, On Page, Local, Speed, Mobile Friendliness, Conversion Rate Optimization, Content and backlinking. Additionally we also show the results by illustrating movement in the rankings and increases in traffic and conversions from Organic Search.

    15. Do you use keyword tracking software?

    Yes! We use an industry leading tool called Agency Analytics. Prior to launching your campaign we conduct in-depth research about your core products and services. We then create two campaigns for your business in Authority Labs. One for desktop and one for mobile. This approach allows you to see where you were ranking for each keyword prior to Rocket Pilots launching your SEO campaign and manage improvements every month

    I have attempted to answer the 15 most common questions I am asked by small business owners about SEO. If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to call 858-775-4110 or email me I hope to hear from you soon.