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Our competitors focus on clicks, we focus on revenue.

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Brian Hansen, Rocket Pilots SEO Expert


Google Ads Management

Brian Hansen, Rocket Pilots SEO ExpertOur competitors focus on clicks, we focus on revenue.

  • Best in class Google Ads Management
  • Superior communication
  • Transparent reporting
  • Honest and trustworthy

Google Ads Results

Schill Law Group


Practice Areas: Criminal Defense and Family Law Firm

Problem: CPC unusually high, low Click-through rates, low conversion rates and very expensive Cost Per Conversions.

Solution: We completely rebuilt Campaigns, Ad Groups, redid the bidding strategies and perfected conversion tracking. We also changed the attribution modeling, changed match types and materially contributed to the negative keyword list.

Results: Reduced CPC by 75%, increased the number of conversions by over 4x in the same time period. Increased CTR by 79% and reduced cost per conversion from $789.67 to $107.14

The Law Office Of Osman Lopez P.A.


Practice Area: Family Law (Divorce & Child Custody)

A relatively new firm with little experience in the paid search market or marketing in general.

A well-built, localized Google Ads campaign targeting those searching for family law services in the county the client is located in.

With a robust campaign, selective search keywords to target lower CPCs, an extensive negative keyword list, and audience/device adjustments, the client is consistently ranking first at auction and has a very low cost per conversion. Over the course of a 10-month long campaign, our client had a 35% conversion rate, $20 Avg. CPC and $58 CPA for 62 conversions.

Krasney Law


Practice Area: Personal Injury Law firm focused on motor vehicle injuries.

Client paying a large agency to manage Google Ads but there were nearly zero monthly changes in the change history log. Client utilizing old ad formats, incorrect keywords, a very limited negative keyword list and no call tracking. Poorly written ads and ad extensions were contribu