Google Ads Management

Our competitors focus on clicks, we focus on revenue.

  • Legal Google Ads Management That Produces Cases
  • Tightly Managed Campaigns So You Can Rest Easy
  • Transparent Reporting. Clearly Understand Your ROI
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Brian Hansen, Rocket Pilots SEO Expert


Google Ads Management

Brian Hansen, Rocket Pilots SEO ExpertOur competitors focus on clicks, we focus on revenue.

  • Best in class Google Ads Management
  • Superior communication
  • Transparent reporting
  • Honest and trustworthy

Google Ads Results

Schill Law Group


Practice Areas: Criminal Defense and Family Law Firm

Problem: CPC unusually high, low Click-through rates, low conversion rates and very expensive Cost Per Conversions.

Solution: We completely rebuilt Campaigns, Ad Groups, redid the bidding strategies and perfected conversion tracking. We also changed the attribution modeling, changed match types and materially contributed to the negative keyword list.

Results: Reduced CPC by 75%, increased the number of conversions by over 4x in the same time period. Increased CTR by 79% and reduced cost per conversion from $789.67 to $107.14

The Law Office Of Osman Lopez P.A.


Practice Area: Family Law (Divorce & Child Custody)

A relatively new firm with little experience in the paid search market or marketing in general.

A well-built, localized Google Ads campaign targeting those searching for family law services in the county the client is located in.

With a robust campaign, selective search keywords to target lower CPCs, an extensive negative keyword list, and audience/device adjustments, the client is consistently ranking first at auction and has a very low cost per conversion. Over the course of a 10-month long campaign, our client had a 35% conversion rate, $20 Avg. CPC and $58 CPA for 62 conversions.

Krasney Law


Practice Area: Personal Injury Law firm focused on motor vehicle injuries.

Client paying a large agency to manage Google Ads but there were nearly zero monthly changes in the change history log. Client utilizing old ad formats, incorrect keywords, a very limited negative keyword list and no call tracking. Poorly written ads and ad extensions were contributing to low CTRs, poor performance and a low ad rank.

We organized the account to focus on high intent keywords that aligned with the client’s goals of obtaining new Motor Vehicle Accident cases. We updated ads to take advantage of Expanded Text Ads and Responsive Search Ads. We practiced strong copywriting practices to create ads competitive with well funded law firms.

Stabilized CPC at $45.47 which is great for a Personal Injury law firm. Created predictability by creating conversion rates of about 10%. Increased quality of leads by concentrating specifically on Car Injury cases. Enabled client to track ROI in case management software.

Smith & Smith Estates Group, PLLC


Pactice Area: Estate & Probate Administration, Will & Trust Preparation

Client wanted to start advertising on Google and created his own Smart Campaign that he ran over a 6-month period. The campaign produced a low volume of leads at an expensive cost per lead.

A well-built Google Ads campaign targeting those searching for estate planning, will and trust services across Florida with a custom, conversion optimized landing page to send traffic to.

Our campaign has consistently generated leads since launch. With a well-built, conversion optimized landing page, we’ve averaged an 11.3% conversion rate. Our client’s prior, self-built campaign generated single digit leads in the $500 CPA range. We have significantly increased lead volume and reduced the CPA to $142.81 CPA.

The Jeffcoat Firm


Practice Areas: Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury, License Defense, DUI

Client had a prior Google Ads management company that filled the account with redundant, non-best-practice campaigns that resulted in poor performance.

Built-from-scratch landing pages and Google Ads campaigns in tandem with Google Ads best practices is resulting in significantly lower CPA’s, CPC’s, and top-of-auction placement for DUI and top 3 for MVA/PI and License Defense.

Professional License Defense leads went from $150+ CPA to $84 and DUI leads went from $500+ to $129 in under 2 months of running Google Ads. With custom-made landing pages, our conversion rates are ranging from 7.45% to 17.14% and notoriously expensive legal verticals, such as DUI, are averaging $9.75 Avg. CPCs.

Garwood Reeves


Practice Area: Family Law

Client had a prior Google Ads management company that inaccurately reported conversion data that severely exacerbated the results from prior campaigns. Although the metrics showed low conversion costs, the client was frustrated with the low lead volume.

A full rework of their marketing efforts, diversified into Google Ads and SEO with Rocket Pilots.

With their prior Google Ads management company, they struggled to maintain over 15% Search impression share and had a CPA of $214 for their main campaign and <10% Search impression share $147 CPA for their call-only campaigns. With our campaign, their Search impression share has increased to over 43% and we reduced their CPA to $111.

A Few Testimonials

google five-star rating!

This company deserves 10 stars!

Rocket Pilots has exceeded my expectations. I am so impressed by the quality of work combined with excellent service. The owner is really “hands-on” and takes time to get to know his clients on a personal level. From there he is able to better understand your company’s message and goals. I plan to stick with Rocket Pilots as they have a deep understanding of my campaigns and have proven to be trustworthy. They are also consistent about providing reports to verify the results of their efforts. It’s nice to see the positive impact on your online ranking through detailed reports. I strongly encourage any business wishing to develop a super strong web presence or enhance online marketing to give Rocket Pilots a call! You won’t be disappointed! THANK YOU, for “rocketing” my business to the top of the search engines!

google five-star rating!
David Smith, Owner Smith & Smith Group, PLLC

Always treats you like a VIP

Rocket Pilots has been instrumental in getting my law practice known to potential clients all across the County. Their expertise in knowing what the right search words the public is looking for and how to send those clients to my website, has doubled my business in a short time period.

google five-star rating!
Logan Quirk, OwnerQuirk Law Group

My business is better off with Brian on my team

Brian is the consummate professional. He has gone above and beyond and researched how to make customized projects benefit my business. My business is better off with Brian on my team.

google five-star rating!
Bill Berenson, OwnerBerenson Injury Law

Two thumbs up

I am extremely impressed with Brian and would recommend him to any business owner. His knowledge of marketing, especially SEO, is fantastic. I have asked him to write several blog posts and a newsletter and they are the best I’ve seen. He’s a cordial, professional, reasonably priced professional. Two thumbs up!

google five-star rating!
Nick Foster, OwnerAirwave Advisors

My website receives approximately 5,000 visitors a month

My website receives approximately 5,000 visitors a month and Rocket Pilots has contributed to the success of my business. The owner Brian is easy to work with and my go-to for all things web. SEO, SEM, and increasing my exposure on the web, he has me covered. He allows me to focus on my business while sleeping well at night knowing he has my website covered. I would highly recommend Brian to any business who is seeking to increase their exposure online.

google five-star rating!
Heath Baker, OwnerHeath Baker Law

If you’re looking for an online marketing agency, look no further

How do you choose a Digital Marketing Agency? For some it might be easy, but I don’t speak fluent “SEO”.

I have been with Rocket Pilots for over a year, and only now am I ready to leave a review. I don’t like leaving reviews early on in a relationship with a business where the results might be long term. That wasn’t the case here!

That’s never the case here. Rocket Pilots has always provided a great quality of service and working with Lucas has been easy. Lucas is always professional and shockingly responsive.

Recently, Lucas and I discussed some changes to the mobile optics for my website and I approved it, late. The following day I had a discussion in the courthouse and a stranger who asked for my website information. Initially, I cringed, but part of me felt relief. A stranger’s phone was turned to me and I saw all of my changes on the screen in front of me.

Lucas, Rocket Pilots, and the rest of the team do a great job, not just in responding, fixing optics, and increasing my web and phone traffic, but in trying to find a way unique to your business to help you grow.

If you’re looking for an online marketing agency and you don’t know where to go (because it’s like picking a new veterinarian), look no further; this is the team you’ve been looking for!

Google Ads for Lawyers

Google Ads is often the fastest way to drive in new cases to your Law Firm. The advertising platform provides results quicker than SEO and often is higher impact than Facebook.

While Google Ads is effective, it’s also extremely competitive. Only closely managed campaigns by top professionals will produce the results your firm needs.

The biggest challenge for your Google Ads campaigns will be finding a high quality partner to effectively manage your campaigns that specializes in Google Ads for Law Firms.

Google Ads Management for Local Businesses
Google Partner

Management from a Google Partner

Rocket Pilots is a certified Google Partner. This means our team of Google Ads professionals have achieved a higher level of training and platform knowledge than your average digital marketing agency.

The market is full of self-proclaimed experts and novices so make sure you only work with a certified Google Partner.

Additionally, we only represent Law Firms and have managed tens of millions dollars in Ad Spend.

This means you can leverage our learnings to acquire results faster and more cost effectively.

Google Analytics Certified

We are also certified in Google Analytics which plays an important role in your reporting. Most PPC agencies only report on metrics from Google Ads. They leave off important metrics and advanced data points like:

  • Reverse Goal Paths
  • Funnel Visualization
  • Goal Flow
  • Assisted Conversions
  • Top Conversion Paths

Get the full picture from an agency that knows how to turn data into meaningful action items. Action items that result in more cases!

An agency with the expertise to review information in Google Analytics and make data driven decisions will impact the success of your Google Ads campaigns.

Google Analytics Certified

Client Dashboard

On demand access to your account information is imperative. With Rocket Pilots you will have access to both the Google Ads interface and our best in class reporting dashboard. 

Our reporting dashboard is easy to navigate and provides access to your stats anywhere and at anytime. Understanding your account performance and Return on Ad Spend is painless. 

Client Dashboard
Google Ads Remarketing

You Own Your Account

Unfortunately many of our competitors mislead law firms by managing campaigns in their own account.

We only manage campaigns in an account your firm owns.

You own the account and take the data with you if you ever bring the management in-house.


We are available by phone or email and do not limit client interactions. We provide weekly reporting and at month end we provide a comprehensive report and a thorough client review call. If you have questions, concerns, ideas or just want to collaborate throughout the month, we will be there for you. Our clients often refer to us as a “highly accessible” agency.

Conversion Tracking

At the end of the day you are utilizing Google Ads to increase phone calls, form submissions and ultimately increase revenue.

We set up and report on all conversions to ensure a transparent calculation on your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

In a simple dashboard, view phone calls and form submissions.

Dive deeper into the specific leads to ensure the quality of the lead is exactly what you expected. Stop guessing where cases are coming from and improve your case tacking today.

Conversion Tracking


Even the highest converting landing pages will have 75% of traffic leave without taking action.

Today, consumers conduct research and take their time before contacting a business. It’s essential to stay in front of prospective clients with engaging Remarketing ads.

Remarketing works by dropping a cookie on the browser of anyone who has visited the site. This enables us to show the user image ads when they are visiting their favorite sites on the internet.

Remarketing often produces a lower cost per acquisition than Pay Per Click on the Search Network.

Remarketing is included in your Google Ads Pricing.


It’s important to understand when planning for PPC that you will have a budget for Google and a management fee paid to Rocket Pilots.

Some companies bill for the Pay Per Click budget upfront. This makes their fee less transparent and has a negative impact on your cash flow and budget flexibility.

With Rocket Pilots, we do not touch your funds for advertising. The budget will be billed directly from Google and you have the flexibility to update your budget at anytime.