Lawyer Landing Pages

We build fast, mobile friendly landing pages designed to convert Google Ads traffic into new cases. 


Most firms make the mistake of landing Google Ads traffic on the main website.

This is problematic because your main website typically serves a different objective than a landing page.

A lawyer landing page built with Google Ads and high conversion rates in mind will almost always yield better results.

Google Ads for attorneys often require large budgets so it’s important to get the setup right from the start.

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Wordpress optmization


WordPress is the internet’s most popular and user friendly content management system (CMS).

To focus on building beautifully designed landing pages quickly and cost effectively we have settled on WordPress.

Google Ads Focused

As experts in Law Firm PPC we know from experience what elements your landing page needs to make the most of your Google Ads budget.

We build specific landing pages tailored to each Practice Area to ensure the users search perfectly aligns with the ad and copy of the landing page.

Our team first assesses the local competition to ensure we build landing pages that will stand out from your competitors and convert clicks into cases.

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Landing Page Design Process

Our Lawyer Landing Page design process aims to create engaging designs that demonstrate your firm’s credibility and capabilities.

We provide several options to choose from and our team is committed to making revisions quickly.

Our proven design process creates a smooth experience that does not take a lot of your valuable time.

We are committed to mobile-first design to ensure we adhere to your prospective clients’ user behaviors.

Easy Navigation

Intuitive design and an easy to navigate landing pages. We put the user and your prospective client first and ensure they have a first class experience while browsing your new landing pages.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We all know Google Ads for Law Firms is expensive with above average CPC’s. We put a great deal of thought into every section of the Landing Page to strive for an ambitious conversion rate. Our competitor’s create generic landing pages at scale while we take our time on each page in the spirit of setting up a sustainable campaign.

A small increase in Conversion Rates can have a material impact on the overall success of the campaigns.

Avoiding Expensive Placements Fees