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The Best Law Firm Websites

Your website is the digital home of your law firm. Having one makes it easy to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced digital world. A website makes finding and learning about your law firm simple for potential clients. Over 95% of customers learn about new businesses online than anywhere else. With a website, you have an [...]

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Criminal Defense SEO: Your Guide to Ranking #1

Criminal Defense SEO is competitive and noisy with marketing firms pitching low-quality services. Search Engine Algorithms are constantly changing and ranking positions are subject to fluctuations.  These circumstances make it challenging to rank prominently and convert Organic traffic into the right clients for your firm. My goal with this guide is to give you sound [...]

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Video Marketing for Lawyers

Video content is the future of the internet. By 2022, over 80% of traffic on the internet will come from video content. Therefore, it is imperative for lawyers to use video marketing in their online marketing strategy.  Video marketing is simply using videos to promote your law firm, boost online engagement, educate clients and reach [...]

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Best Live Chat Software for Law Firms

Information is the currency of the world. Having the right information enables people to make the right decisions. Being able to provide information and support to clients regardless of business hours is a necessity for every law firm. This is where live chat software comes in. Live chat software is an online service that allows [...]

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10 Actionable Content Marketing Tips for Personal Injury Lawyers

Is your content marketing strategy not working for you? You’re not alone. Research shows that 60% of marketers struggle to create engaging content and measure the effectiveness of their current content marketing strategies.  Today, we’ll look at the key strategies your personal injury law firm should be using in your content marketing efforts to increase [...]

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How to Attract & Manage Online Reviews for Your Law Firm

Online reviews play a vital role in your digital marketing efforts. More specifically, your online reputation. A five-star average review can have clients knocking down your door. On the other hand, a thread of bad reviews (or even one) can tarnish your reputation. Online Reviews & Their Effect on Your Reputation Consumers aren’t as quick [...]

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