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Avvo Rating: The Definitive Guide

This guide also contains step-by-step instructions for increasing one’s Avvo rating and details the items that will not increase one’s Avvo rating. Finally, at the end of the guide we address a few of the most common questions we receive relating to Avvo attorney ratings. Click the buttons below to [...]

SEO for Bankruptcy Attorneys

Whether yours is a new bankruptcy firm still building a reputation, or one that's more established with years of experience under its belt, online marketing has redefined how your practices reach and serve clients. One of the most critical factors in whether people can find you online is SEO for [...]

How to Use TikTok for Lawyers

Unless you've been living under a rock these last two years, you've likely witnessed the social media platform TikTok catapult itself from obscurity into mainstream usage.  With over 700 million monthly users, it has quickly surpassed popular platforms such as Twitter and Reddit, and now sits second place behind social [...]

The Ultimate Guide To Social Media For Lawyers

Over the years, large consumer brands like Wendys, AirBnB, and Nike have made exceptional use of social media as a marketing platform. These days, almost every business, large or small, tries to maintain an at least somewhat active social media presence. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with many law firms, [...]

SEO for Estate Planning Attorneys

Whether yours is an established estate planning practice or you're in the early stages of building your firm's clientele, no doubt you've ventured down the rabbit hole that is website development, quality content, and SEO for Estate Planning Attorneys. If you're like many small to midsize law firms, you struggle [...]

How Much Should Lawyers Spend On Marketing

Determining your law practice marketing budget isn't always easy. Especially true when your focus is on your clients. When deciding how to divide marketing resources, view your law practice as a small business. As with any business segment, there is no specific rule about how much money to spend. But [...]

Google Local Services Ads for Lawyers

Any local law firm is effectively a small business. While you provide highly specialized services to your clients, you operate under the basic tenets of brand building. Maintaining a healthy roster of clients keeps your business afloat. Generating leads and bringing new clients through the door is how your business [...]

Instagram For Lawyers: How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Law Firm

Social media has evolved continuously over the past decade. What once seemed new, novel, and somewhat useless (remember MySpace?), has become an essential tool for just about every business.  And even though not all platforms might seem like a good fit for all industries, being present on all the major [...]

Linkedin for Lawyers | A Winning Strategy for Linkedin

You want to build your law practice. You know that social media can be a great way to connect with potential clients and build your brand. The problem is that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram aren’t usually associated with social branding of the legal variety.  LinkedIn, however, is another matter. LinkedIn [...]