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Why Us

When you want to market to your local area, selecting the right San Diego digital marketing partner can be a frustrating and tiresome process.

The market is full of companies and independents making huge promises they will not be able to fulfill. Business owners are skeptical and often struggle with finding someone honest and reliable.

Larger companies have hidden fees, hidden margins and have developed a reputation for not being transparent with their pricing. You have a right to know how much of your hard earned money goes towards Google Ads and how much is paid in agency or consulting fees.  You also have a right to know the specifics of SEO campaigns and should receive regular progress reports.

You need a trustworthy, honest, dependable team to enable you to acquire new customers – with a measurable return on your investment.  Your marketing efforts should not be outsourced to a “vendor”, instead you should align your business with a partner that sincerely cares about your company. A partner that truly takes the time to understand your past challenges, current marketing goals and competitive landscape can make all the difference in the success of your campaigns.

That’s why you want to fly with Rocket Pilots.

Rocket Pilots is a boutique San Diego digital marketing consultancy.

Brian Hansen, Founder & President has managed millions of dollars in paid media over the years, ranked sites in highly competitive industries and routinely increases clients conversion rates. Brian’s background in entrepreneurship has taught him the importance of valuing the relationship with each and every client. Brian spends an extensive amount of time understanding the details of the industry related to each and every client.

With a background in working for a large agency, Brian has professional training and has touched thousands of marketing campaigns. While Rocket Pilots is well rounded in it’s service offering, Brian’s strengths are in SEO and Content Marketing.

As a Rocket Pilots client you get the muscle of experience without the burden of a long term contract. We are so confident in the results we will provide, we offer a month to month agreement option.  Isn’t that how it should always be?

Take action today and partner with a San Diego digital marketing company that will increase your return on your marketing spend.

Email brian@rocketpilots.com or call today to schedule your free consultation 858-775-4110.