A San Diego Pay Per Click Company

Rocket Pilots is a San Diego PPC and Google Ads Company known for integrity, clear cut pricing and providing results for local business owners.

Pay Per Click is often the fastest way to drive new customers to your business. It’s also extremely competitive and only the best represented advertisers last in the long run.

The Rocket Pilots team provides expert level PPC services for Google and the Microsoft Advertising Network (previously known as the Yahoo/Bing network).

Since transparency is important to you, we manage campaigns directly in your AdWords account. This gives you full access to AdWords reporting and raw cost. This means you own the Google Ads account and we are an invited guest. It’s rare to see this structure in the industry, but we feel strongly that you and only you own the account.

We understand paying upfront for a month can be detrimental to cash flow. With Rocket Pilots, your advertising budget is spent directly with AdWords. Consequently, you remain on the Google payment schedule your business has become comfortable with.

We review and tweak your account daily, provide weekly reporting and explain exactly what was done with your account each week to improve results.

Expect strong communication, conversion tracking, conversion rate optimization and crystal clear reporting.

Best of all, we put customers first and pride ourselves in our quick and thorough response times. A marketing partner should be accessible to answer questions, provide reporting and meet with you face to face.

You won’t find another company that is committed to keeping up with changes to AdWords and PPC best practices than Rocket Pilots. We are avid readers and committed to being informed of updates and immediately implementing changes into our clients campaigns.

Contact us today schedule your no obligation consultation. Put Rocket Pilots to work building you a PPC campaign that will exceed your marketing goals.

Email brian@rocketpilots.com or call today 858-775-4110

    Rocket Pilot’s San Diego PPC Services include

    • Thorough analysis of your current campaign
    • Keyword research
    • Extensive research and review of your competitors
    • Strong communication and frequent reporting on your campaigns results
    • Consistent adjustments to imporve Quality Scores
    • Proper setup & management of conversions to accurately track results
    • Conversion Rate Optimiazation
    • Advanced techniques like Ad Copy & Landing Page Split Testing
    • Creative ideas to open new revenue markets and revenue streams

    San Diego Pay Per Click Management FAQ

    1. How much of my advertising budget goes towards AdWords?

    Great question. We understand that large PPC agencies bill up front and allocate a portion of the budget to Advertising platforms like AdWords and percentage for their revenue. The frustration with this model is that they do not disclose the percentage that is the service fee. This pricing model lacks transparency and raises ethical questions. At Rocket Pilots your Advertising budget and service fee are two different things. If your Advertising budget is $1,500 a month, then $1,500 a month goes towards advertising. It’s that simple.

    2. How much do you charge for a PPC Management Fee?

    The fee is based on the size of your budget. Call today for details!

    3. Do you manage campaigns on the Yahoo/Bing network?

    Yes. In fact, the Yahoo/Bing network typically offers more cost effective clicks, a higher income demographic, less competition and a sufficient amount of traffic. From our experience many small business owners and marketers overlook the Yahoo/Bing network. It’s a great advertising platform and we offer this network to all clients.

    4. Do I have to commit to a long term contract?

    Absolutely not. We certainly do not want to force anyone to advertise. We are looking for clients that understand successful PPC campaigns take a great deal of research, setup and testing. We ask for a short 3 month commitment that rolls into a month to month agreement. From there, we earn your business every month by providing exceptional results.

    5. Will I have direct access to AdWords?

    Absolutely. Unlike our competitors we do not use 3rd party reporting software or juke stats through blending together figures. You will have direct access to AdWords and see exactly what we see. You can access dashboards, reporting and change logs. We are advocates of transparent reporting and confidently stand beyond our work.

    6. Do you bill for the campaign budget upfront?

    We do not. We understand this billing structure has a negative impact on cash flow. Actually, your campaign budget will be billed by AdWords. Typically Google bills every 30 days or when you hit your payment threshold. Thresholds vary from $50.00 all the way up to $500 depending on how long you have been advertising with Google. We leave the budget billing up to Google to ensure the process is not disruptive to what you are used to. 

    7. How often do you check on my AdWords campaign?

    We understand many companies have the set it and forget it mentality. At Rocket Pilots we check on all campaigns on a daily basis. Since we are boutique digital marketing company you can expect a higher level of attention and hands on service. We will constantly be reviewing your campaign and looking for opportunities to improve results.  

    8. Will you Split Test?

    Yes. Through split testing we will test ad copy, different versions of landing pages and different elements on landing pages. We are committed to thoughtfully conducting controlled testing to maximize results.

    9. ROI is important to me, how will you track results?

    At the end of the day you are advertising to generate revenue and grow your business. We will set up “conversion tracking” to measure how the campaign is performing and enable you to calculate the ROI.

    10.  Can I pause my campaign if I need to?

    Yes. We understand you need to pause your campaign sometimes for a variety of different reasons. Just call or send us a quick email and we will have the campaigns paused the same day as your request. We will be standing by waiting for when you are ready to resume.