These Top Legal directories are the perfect opportunity to enhance your Local SEO presence and show up more often in maps for local searches.

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As a lawyer or legal firm, it is important for you to be strategic about your business. In this regard, you need to be visible to potential clients through platforms that are available on the internet.

In this article, you will find Top Legal directories which are the perfect opportunity to enhance your Local SEO presence and show up more often in maps for local searches.

Google refers to directories as “citations” and scans the web for consistency in your Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP).

Most law firms prefer this SEO tactic because many competitors will only be on large well-known directories like Google My Business, Yelp, AVVO, FindLaw, and LAWYERS.COM. Therefore, if you take the extra time to list your business on the legal directories in this article, you’ll have a leg up on local competitors.

Directories are low hanging fruit and provide the following benefits:

  • Improve Local SEO rankings
  • Build out your link profile and help raise your Domain Authority
  • Send referral traffic from users utilizing the directory to find a lawyer
  • Help manage your reputation on the directories that allow for reviews
  • Off-Page SEO for the directories that allow for keywords and descriptions of your Law Firm

Listing your business on Legal directories can be a time-consuming task. It’s paramount that you choose quality directories with a reasonable Domain Authority. Avoid spammy directories with low DA’s that provide no value to the end-user.

The Rocket Pilots team reviewed most of the Legal Directories on the Web and handpicked the directories worthwhile for you to pursue. Some of the variables highlighted in the review of each citation include, 

  • Domain Authority
  • Ahrefs URL Rating and Domain Rating
  • User Experience
  • Price
  • Ease of adding your listing 

Below is the list of the Top Legal Directories. 

Legal Directories

The Legal Directory began in 1935. They provide both primary and secondary legal information within a specialty legal practice. They offer free comprehensive listings of the county, state, and federal officials. 

They sell legal directory books that range from $29.99 to $61.99 depending on the state. Legal Directory also offers attorney and law firm marketing and commands a powerful Domain Authority (DA) of 92.

US News (Lawyers)

US News for lawyers links over 14,000 law firms in the US. They rank law firms and give a side by side comparison. They offer premium listing features at a cost of  $30 /month. They boast a powerful DA of 91.

us news logo


Findlaw directory offers free legal listing. They provide statutes and federal case laws.FindLaw provides marketing resources that include links to blogs and carry a strong DA of 88.


Justia provides free lawyers profiles listing from the different practice areas. They give links to websites, social media, and blogs and hold a powerful DA of 88.

justia logo


Martindale allows you to find and connect with attorneys. They share articles from other lawyers as well as further review the lawyer’s profile. 

It has a powerful DA of 86. Contact the sales team to get bronze, silver, gold, and platinum listings package prices.

martingdale logo free listing helps connect over one million lawyers. They unveil previous legal events, its cost, and outcomes. They command a powerful DA of 85. logo


Nolo free directory connects over 30K local attorneys. It has been around for 48 years, this platform offers free listing and legal articles from different specialty practices. Nolo carries a massive DA of 84.

nolo logo is a directory service that helps consumers find local professionals, especially those looking for lawyers or legal services.  Behind the scenes, Expertise researches, reviews, and mystery shops each lawyer that is included on their site. It is their mission to bring potential clients to the best lawyers for their need.

You can fill out their request for review form to submit a business for review- at any time.

To expedite the process and ensure best placement, you can request a Featured placement and pay to be placed at the top of the list. Featured placements include: headshot, logo, service tags, and additional content. Pricing for featured placements is determined by directory performance and service area!


Jouwweb free listing directory connects personal injury lawyers from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. They add their name, address, contact, and website. Jouwweb commands a strong DA of 81.

Legal Shield

Legal Shield directory connects attorneys from different specialty practices. They offer prepaid listing plans at $39.00 for 10 employees and $89.00 for 50 employees and $149.00 for 100 employees. 

Legal Shield offers legal consultation, document review, and trial defense. They hold a DA of 78.

legalshield logo is a free legal directory that connects over 195 countries. They link with law centers near you where you can learn more about specialty law. They offer basic free listing and premium listing that cost $195 per holds a DA rating of 74.

Super Lawyers lists outstanding lawyers from more than 70 specialty practices for free. It’s Super Lawyer Magazine features pro lawyers from different states. It carries a DA of 73.


Avvo connects you with top-rated lawyers. They enable you to browse by specialty practice, whether by city, state, or legal topics. Avvo enables you to build a stunning profile. They also allow you to post questions and get free answers. 

Avvo holds a DA of 70. They offer premium listing at $100 /month. A sponsored listing at $100+ per month and website listing at $200 /month.

They offer paid advertisements to injury lawyers around the US. It cost $5 per link and $40 per year to get listed plus a link on your homepage. commands a DA of 70.

Just Great Lawyers

Just Great Lawyers is a lawyer directory that allows you to search for attorneys by specialty or location. They allow you to compare quotes, see reviews, and look at other attorney’s profiles. 

They also offer free basic listing. A featured listing at $19.99/month and premium listing at $29.99/month and carries a DA of 70.

Lawyer Attorneys Guide

Lawyer Attorney Guide is a directory that provides law firm contact information, address, and driving directions. It’s free to list and join and covers different specialty practices. They hold a DA of 65.

US Legal

US Legal directory offers free profile listing. They connect consumers and small business to attorneys. They answer legal questions for free and has a DA of 65.

Attorney At Law Magazine

They feature the best attorney in different states. Attorney At Law Magazine shows consumers reviews from third-party platforms. They reveal an attorney’s bio and share their latest articles. They reveal other people’s opinions too. They offer free listings and hold a DA of 64.

attorney at law logo

Law Info

Law Info connects you with verified attorneys from different specialty practices. They offer free profile listing and legal marketing tips. Law Info holds a DA of 62.

Get Legal

Get Legal directory helps you find an attorney within your area. They show lawyers from different specialty practices. They offer basic listing at $199. A gold listing at $399 and Platinum listing at  $599. Get Legal holds a DA of 62. 

Law Guru

When you list on the Law Guru directory for free, you connect to attorney networks. This enables you to answer paid legal questions and helps you attract potential clients. It clings to a DA of 58.

Lista A Legal

Lista A legal helps Spanish speakers find legal aid in different specialty practices. They help you access law firm profiles and office directions. They offer paid listings for starters at $30/month, Solo listing at $99/month, and for law firms listing at $199/month. They hold a DA of 58. is a paid legal directory that allows members to build local expert profiles. They offer a premium listing at $199 that enables advertisements through customized firm websites. They capitalize on Google Award management. They give SEO reviews and hold a DA of 58.

ClassAction works with writers, designers, and developers to expose corporate legal wrongdoings. They give remedies to the law mistakes thereby building relations with lawyers. They offer free listings and hold a DA of 51.