Best Law Firm Websites (2023)

Below is a list of the best law firm websites on the internet. Included are valuable insights regarding the sites and what it is that they are doing right.

YLaw Group

best Law firm website: Ylaw Group

YLaw Group is a Canadian law firm specializing in family law, criminal and civil litigations.

This law firm balances the seriousness of legal representation with a quirky website copy. Their website is well designed, easy to navigate and works well on mobile. They have made contacting them easy with a phone number at the upper right corner of every page and a contact form hidden in a bar on the right. Testimonials from clients and a regularly updated blog round up their website.

Bick Law LLP


Bick Law LLP is an environmental law firm based in California.

The first thing you notice is the sliding deck of animals with catchy puns that ties in nicely with their brand as an environmental law firm. Their website copy is personable and humanizing. They have taken the guesswork out of “do they serve clients like me” with a “Who we represent” page and it shows off their experience in different industries. Their call to action isn’t in your face but you will find their address, phone and fax numbers at the bottom of every page.

W3IP Law

W3 iplaw-au

W3IP Law is an Australian intellectual property firm with a focus on digital business and technology law.

They have given clients a solid idea of who they are, what their firm does and how to reach them all from their homepage. Their site has a bold design with sleek navigation. Contacting them is easy with the phone number at the top and bottom of the page, a live chat button and contact forms. They also have an insightful regularly updated blog.

Gomez Trial Lawyers

The gomez firm

Gomez Trial lawyers is an American personal injury firm based in San Diego.

Using the contrast between white and orange, their website draws the eye to the important information on the homepage. They use these two colors to draw attention to their CTAs. Contact details like phone number and a contact form can be found on nearly every page. Gomez firm website uses team profiles to add a more human feel to their homepage. They regularly update their blog with insightful articles. Their video center and news section masterfully provide all the social proof clients need.

TSMP Law Corporation

Tsmp law

TSMP Law Corporation is a Singaporean law boutique with a wide range of practice areas from commercial and corporate litigation to employment law.

Their site cleverly uses color in its design. It features a navigation bar on the right which allows you to delve deeper into their website. Their expertise page features a breakdown of their experience in each practice area and testimonials from clients.  A community page showcases the humanitarian side of the firm.



Fasken is a general practice law firm with offices in Canada, China, the UK, and South Africa.

They make having one website for law firms in four different countries seem easy. Clients can view their website in English, French, and Chinese. Their design is clean with bright colors. Navigation is straightforward and intuitive. Their site features a large knowledge base where you can find a wealth of resources to read up on.

Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defence

Calgary defence

Roulston Urquhart is a Canadian law firm specializing in criminal law.

This website projects a confident and takes charge look with a design full of gray, black and white. Its homepage paints a clear picture of what they do, who they are and how to contact them. Their phone number is in the middle of the homepage right next to a free consultation tab. Their “next steps page” answers frequent questions that clients have while on their site.


Best Law Firm Website: Acapo-no

Acapo is a Norwegian intellectual property law firm.

The unique thing about Acapo’s website is its simplicity and clever use of white space. They made navigation simple and intuitive with icons that drop-down when you hover over a menu item. Their homepage does a great job of informing you about their services. They make it easy to contact their firm with a prominently displayed “Contact” at the top of every page.

C.A. Goldberg

Ca goldberg law

C.A. Goldberg is an American victims’ rights law firm based in New York.

This website has vibrant colors and simple navigation. Given their practice area, Goldberg does a great job with their messaging which leaves visitors feeling empowered. They also offer resources in the form of videos and articles. Their “by the numbers” and testimonial sections provide social and professional proof of their accomplishments.

Bhatt Law Group

Bhatt law group

Bhatt Law Group is an American law firm in Jersey City specializing in personal injury, family law and criminal defense.

This website inspires quiet confidence with the use of black and orange in its design. They use the contrast between black and orange to highlight their practice areas and how to reach them. By putting specific attorneys under each practice area does a great job of putting human faces to their firm. Their CTA (free consultation) is clear and prominent on their homepage.

Affleck & Barrison LLP

Criminal law oshawa

Affleck & Barrison is a Canadian criminal defense firm based in Ontario.

This website embodies elegant simplicity with its minimalism. They kept monochrome as their main colors so they can use yellow to draw the eyes to important things like their phone number and blog headlines. By putting their practice areas on the homepage, visitors can skim through immediately. An insightful blog completes its website.

Websites For Lawyers

Your website is the digital home of your law firm. Having one makes it easy to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced digital world.

A website makes finding and learning about your law firm simple for potential clients. Over 95% of customers learn about new businesses online than anywhere else. With a website, you have an online presence that customers can use to find out more about your law firm.

Another great thing about having a website is that it encourages new clients to contact you or come in for consultations. When consumers search for businesses near them, 72% of them will visit that business. Your website ensures your law firm doesn’t miss out on new clients looking for lawyers in their vicinity.

For every modern law firm, a website is a must. What if you already own a website and it is not generating the business you thought it would?

Why Your Current Website May Not Be Maximizing Lead Generation

The following may be reasons why your website may not be generating leads:

Slow load speed

Your website load speed affects the number of people who visit your law firm’s site. This is because the average person will click away if a website doesn’t load in less than 3 seconds*. If your law firm’s website loads slowly, visitors will not stick around. They will look for other websites that load fast and provide them with the information they need.

Before you attempt to fix your site’s load speed, you must know what your current speed is. Use a tool like GT Metrix to analyze your site first. Once you are sure page speed is the problem, you can:

  • Enable caching to improve load time for return visitors.
  • Optimize and reduce the size of the images you use on your site.
  • Use a content delivery network like CloudFare to distribute your site’s files globally so it. loads fast regardless of where your visitor is.
  • Remove plugins and add-ons that are taking up space.
  • Optimize your website’s code so it is rendered faster.

Outdated design and navigation

Another reason your current website may not be maximizing lead generation is an outdated design and navigation. Like in the offline world, first impressions also matter online. The design of your website is the first thing visitors notice.

A dated design is devastating for any law firm that wants to use its website to generate leads. Simple things like the color choice for your site, quality images, impactful content, easy navigation buttons and relevant links could be the difference between a great modern website and an outdated one.

Examine your website to see if it passes muster. If it does not, It’s time for a redesign. Regularly update your website’s design, navigation, and content so it stays fresh.

Shoddy website copy

A well-designed website that loads fast with poor website copy will still cost you leads. Website copy is a very important aspect of your online presence that some law firms neglect. Your website copy is how you sell your firm’s services and convince visitors to contact you.

Grammatical and punctuation mistakes leave a bad impression on visitors. Word heavy content that requires visitors to read long paragraphs may also turn them off.

Your web copy should be short, direct and actionable. Visitors should have a clear idea of what your firm is about in a few sentences and how to go about contacting you. Use a grammar tool like ProWritingAid to check the grammar, style, and punctuation of your web copy.

Lack of a call to action

Visitors to your site may leave without taking action because you haven’t specified the next steps. A new visitor may enjoy your post on child custody law in Los Angeles but if there is no invitation to contact your firm in the post, they may click away from your site.

A call to action (CTA) ensures that visitors to your site take the steps you want them to. Your CTA doesn’t have to be intrusive or salesy. A simple “Call now for a free consultation” or placing your phone number at the top of every page with the caption “Call us” can make all the difference.

Improperly formatted practice area pages

The practice area page on your website is very important. This is where you showcase your wealth of experience, legal expertise and provide insights into common legal issues potential clients may have.

An improperly formatted practice area page can reduce a visitor’s confidence in your firm. So it is vital to ensure the practice pages on your law firm’s website are well-written and formatted.

Keep sentences short. Use sub-headers and bullet points to break up your points so the page is easy to read. Add images to make the page more visually appealing. And keep one practice area to one page so visitors are not confused.

Complicated landing pages and contact forms

Landing pages that are too busy and complicated could drive away your visitors. Even a contact form that requires too much information may turn off everyone who has to fill it.

Your contact forms and landing pages should be intuitive and simple. The design on landing pages should be uncluttered with the most important information right where visitors can see them. And keep contact forms short by collecting only necessary information.

Lack of articles on your blog

Your blog is one of the main sources of organic leads. People researching a specific legal issue may come across your blog post on the organic search results page. After reading your in-depth article on their legal issue, they may contact your law firm for a consultation.

When your blog lacks articles, this avenue of getting leads is closed. Neglecting your blog is a big DON’T. Take common questions clients ask you and use that as a springboard for topics on what to write on your firm’s blog.

Poor mobile user experience

Many people use smartphones to access the internet. In 2018, 58% of Americans accessed the internet via their mobile phones. This makes having a website that functions well on mobile phones a priority.

If your law firm’s website loads at snail speed or doesn’t display properly on mobile, visitors will leave in droves. This is because their experience using your site is terrible and it could cost you leads.

Your website design should be responsive so it functions fully on both mobile phone and desktop. If your site has a poor mobile user experience, it is time for you to redesign it.


A modern well-designed website will sell your law practice to new clients than any other form of an online presence. You can tastefully update your website as you have seen from the great examples above. So, what are you waiting for?!

As always, I enjoy hearing from lawyers who have redesigned their websites. What issues did you run into? Did you see an increase in leads with your newly designed website? Leave a comment below.

Having issues with your website design, contact me directly for a consultation.