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Blogger Outreach Services

Our Blogger Outreach Service is designed to increase traffic from organic search, SEO rankings and ultimately revenue. We work with solo entrepreneurs all the way up to large known brands, securing high quality results that make a meaningful difference.


A backlink is an incoming hyperlink from one page to another. The link between the two websites is the backlink.

Acquiring new links is an integral part of Off Page SEO and ranking a site in general.

Links pointing to your website are a top 3 SEO ranking signal out of hundreds of signals. 

If your budget is limited and you had to choose to focus on one discipline of SEO, link building would be the best choice.  

Pro Tip – Be careful when choosing a Link Building partner as many agencies and Freelancers sell very low quality links that could be detrimental to your site.

The Types of Backlinks You Do Not Want

Spammy Article Directories

These sites are frowned upon in Google’s eyes because they add no value to users. In fact, the only people utilizing them are those link builders offering a low quality service.

Links Through Web 2.0 Properties at Scale

There are freelancers on Fiverr and other platforms that sell thousands of backlinks at a time. They list your site on thousands of Web 2.0 properties basically overnight for a small fee.

This tactic gives you an insanely high Link Velocity, which looks very suspicious and will have no positive impact on rankings. Instead it will create a spammy link profile.

Paid Links

It’s one thing to pay for a service, but if you are directly paying for a link that passes PageRank, you are gaming the system and breaking Google’s Policy. This is considered a Link Scheme. Google is proficient at finding webmasters who participate in these schemes and will not hesitate to issue a penalty.

Private Blog Networks (PBN’s)

A PBN is a network of sites built for the sole purpose of linking to one site. The network passes authority to one site in an effort to manipulate the search algorithm. It is clearly a Link Scheme. If you hear this term from someone pitching you link building services, do not engage!

The Links You Do Want

Naturally Acquired Links

When you produce high quality content on a regular basis, publishers will take note and link back to your site. 

Your content will naturally add value to 3rd party publishers’ sites and you’ll gain links without having to ask for them. 

If you naturally acquire a link with a high Domain Authority, that would be the holy grail of link building. You put the time in to produce a killer piece of content, and the world noticed and rewarded you with links! Now you know why consistently producing high-quality content is important to rankings.

Custom Blogger Outreach – The Rocket Pilots Core Link Building Service

Link Prospecting

Identifying sites that can link back to your content, reaching out, building relationships, and acquiring new links is a very important skill set.

We call this process of identifying new link opportunities, “Link Prospecting.” We use a variety of tools to build a database of sites that are relevant, high quality and met a variety of Link Metrics like Domain Authority, URL Rating and Domain Rating.

Email Outreach – Organization and Persistence

In many cases you just have to ask for a link, but it must be done tactfully. I constantly receive link requests from other content creators, and I am often surprised how little effort went into the pitch and crafting of the email. I’ve learned that the trick is to think about the value to the site owner first. Look at it from their perspective, be extremely specific, and add why your content deserves a link.

I wrote a piece about On Page SEO and conducted some custom outreach in order to acquire new links. Below is an example of an email I sent pitching my link:

Hey Megha,

I’ve been reading the Digital & Social section of your blog the last few months, and I find the content engaging and informative. Nice work.

I just got done reading “5 Myths about Influencer Marketing That Need To Be Shattered.” I agree the myths you pointed out are common misconceptions. Great write up.

In the third paragraph of the section titled, “It only wins short-term customers,” you talk about content marketing and well-managed blogs. In order for a blog to be well managed, each post must have On Page SEO best practices implemented.

In this section I thought you might want to link to my long form blog posting on the topic to help educate your readers about On Page SEO,

Keep up the great work.

As you can see, my email is relatively short, informs the author I read their content, and shows praise for their hard work. I also point out a very specific spot where my link can enhance the article. This is important. I am asking for something so I want to make it as easy as possible for the webmaster.

They saw the value, and a few days later I acquired a new link with a Domain Authority of 84/100. Woohoo!

These are the types of custom emails the Rocket Pilots team will craft on behalf of your brand.



Tools We Use


First on the list is ahrefs, which is the crème de la crème of link building technologies. The software allows us to review link profiles and key metrics like URL Rating and Domain Rating.

You can input competitor URLs that are out ranking you, review their link profiles, and identify dozens of link building opportunities. 

Screaming Frog

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a versatile piece of SEO software. Anyone who has been in SEO for a while has inevitably used Screaming Frog. The key function as it relates to link building is its ability to crawl a site and identify broken links. These broken links are golden opportunities for us to notify the site owner and suggest your link as a practical replacement.

A Database

Subsequent to identifying link prospects, we organize, store, and reference notes about your/our relationship with the website.

Our Proven Process

Step 1 – Identify link prospects.

Step 2 – Go through each prospect’s site and look for a page that appears suitable to accept a link from you.

Step 3 – On the selected page(s), we find a very specific section where your link could be placed. 

Step 4 – Decide on the ideal anchor text

Step 5 – Begin to craft custom email “pitch templates.” 

Step 6 – Begin outreach. Send email after email, and tightly organize our communication. 

Step 7 – Successfully acquire link and add to your SEO report. 

Step 8 – Repeat steps 1-7 over and over again. 

Lice Chat

Get Started

Links play a large role in rankings and revenue from Organic traffic. Hiring a novice can be very frustrating and expensive. Schedule a complimentary consultation today with the expert Link Building Rocket Pilots team. 

Why Rocket Pilots

Typically clients choose Rocket Pilots because they were referred to us by a business we impressed. 

The market is full of “self proclaimed” experts and clients appreciate our honesty, transparency and commitment to clear communication. 

We hope to have the opportunity to impress your team and earn your confidence.

Contact us today for a free consultation. 

How do I get started?2020-02-24T20:59:09+00:00

Call today! We will discuss a scope of work (how many monthly links), conduct a Link Profile Analysis and get started!

How will this impact my revenue?2020-02-24T20:58:42+00:00

A typical consequence of Link Building is higher SEO rankings. Higher SEO rankings could lead to more Organic traffic, conversions and ultimately an increase in revenue. 

Is there a monthly minimum?2020-02-24T20:58:24+00:00

Yes. The minimum is 4 links per month. This is also a great starting package and allows clients to test our service before increasing the amount of monthly links. 

Do I have to commit to a long term contract?2020-02-24T20:58:00+00:00

Absolutely not. SEO takes time so we recommend planning long term. But, we support month to month engagements. 

What about Anchor Text?2020-02-24T20:57:31+00:00

We implement what we call a “Anchor Text” diversity strategy. There will be a combination of Exact Match, Partial Match, Keyword Variations, LSI, Naked URLs, Generic and Branded Anchor text. This ensures a natural and balanced Anchor Text Profile.

What pages will you build links to?2020-03-04T03:04:54+00:00

Our analysis helps us make this decision but often it’s pages that align with the overall strategy. It could be the homepage, service pages or content pages like blog postings.

What type of Link Reporting do you provide?

We report monthly on the new links acquired along with their Domain Authority and Anchor text.

Will you analyze my current link profile?2020-02-24T20:56:24+00:00

Yes, this analysis is conducted upfront and helps us architect your link building campaigns(s). We look at your current links, anchor text, high performing pages and pages that need help ranking. 

Do you provide a guarantee?2020-02-24T20:55:53+00:00

Yes, in fact if we provide a 100% money back guarantee. If we fail to deliver your link order you are entitled to a swift refund. 

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