SEO vs PPC vs Facebook | Which One Is Right For My Business?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a small business owner ask me if they should do Search Engine Optimization or Pay-Per-Click advertising. It’s a question small businesses wrestle with and a frequent topic during meetings with prospective clients. To further complicate the discussion, paid advertising on Facebook has entered the debate. [...]

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Ad Rank, Metrics & Conversion Tracking (Post 7 of 7)

Welcome back to my 7 part series on AdWords. Post 1 was An Overview of AdWords, post 2 was about Campaign Types, post 3 covered Bid Strategies, Bids and Budget, post 4 addressed Ad Groups, post 5 we dove into Keyword Research and post 6 detailed Keyword Match Types and Billing Types. Now that you are [...]

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Keyword Research (AdWords Post 5 of 7)

Welcome back to my 7 part series on AdWords. Part 1 was an Overview of AdWords, Part 2 covered Campaign Types, Part 3 addressed Bid Strategies and Budgets and last posting was about Ad Groups.  In this post I cover Keyword Research, an integral part of a successful AdWords campaigns. If are reading this series for [...]

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AdWords Ad Groups (Posting 4 of 7)

Welcome back to my 7 part series on AdWords. Part 1 was an Overview of AdWords, Part 2 I covered Campaign Types and last posting addressed Bid Strategies and Budgets. In this posting I cover, AdWords Ad Groups If you've been following my series, you’ve heard me mention ad groups a few times in the previous [...]

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AdWords Campaign Types (Posting 2 out of 7)

Welcome to posting 2 out of a series of 7 on AdWords. In this posting I focus primarily on different AdWords Campaign Types. Your text ads can show on Google, Google Play, Google Shopping, Google Maps, and inside the maps app. A very important setting inside AdWords is the decision whether or not to include [...]

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An Overview of AdWords (Posting 1 out of 7)

Google AdWords is an advertising platform where businesses can advertise on Google and its advertising network. The platform is widely adopted with over one million advertisers. Google’s 2015 revenue was $74.5 billion with $67.3 billion coming from ad revenue. That means ad revenue is accounting for 90% of Google’s overall revenue. Google’s search engine and [...]

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