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We build fast SEO & mobile optimized WordPress sites that turn traffic into revenue.


As a San Diego web development and design company, we provide high converting websites that provide a superior user experience.

To ensure you end up with the latest technology, we utilize WordPress for development.

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WordPress is the internet’s most popular and user friendly content management system (CMS). The back-end is flexible, secure, mobile responsive and easy for business owners to navigate. The CMS is utilized by big brands like TechCrunch, The New Yorker and the Walt Disney Company.

We deliver client focused design and development solutions faster than our competition at an affordable price point.

SEO Focused

Since we are best known for our expertise in SEO, all sites are built with sound Technical and On-Page SEO best practices. Most web design & development companies are not well versed in SEO. As a consequence new site owners are forced to re-do urls and the sites overall navigation structure.

We save you time and money by combining strong Web Development best practices with expert level SEO. Let us get it right the first time!

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Our Design Process

Our design process aims to create engaging websites that grab the user’s attention. But we’re not just trying to impress your prospective clients, we want them to engage with your brand. Our creative process and commitment to eye catching designs promote high conversion rates and ultimately, increased revenue.

Easy Navigation

Intuitive design and easy to navigate sites. Since we are a digital marketing agency, every design decision incorporates the user experience. No matter the industry, we take the time to understand your users needs and pain points and design experiences accordingly.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Many businesses hire a Web Development company and then turn around and hire a marketing consultant for CRO. While developing and designing we include CRO best practices. This forward thinking approach, results in sites with above average metrics for phone calls, form submissions and sales.

Avoiding Expensive Placements Fees
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Optimized for Mobile

Our process places a large concentration on Mobile responsive design. Your clients are accessing your site from mobile devices and you need a development team that understands the importance of mobile.

We are not just aiming to pass a “mobile friendliness” test but we strive to ensure the overall experience is remarkable from tablets and smartphones. Our commitment to testing, sets your business up to successfully turn local mobile visitors into customers.

You Own Your Technology

We should not have to say this, but many web development companies build sites for clients under a false pretense. Their agreements have hidden language assigning them full ownership of the website or they “lease” their sites to clients.

We have re-built a dozen or so sites to specifically help business owners out of this situation.

We build you a site and ensure you have full ownership to of all of its assets.

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Assisted Living Strategy

Website Copy

We write informative and persuasive copy to describe your products and services to site visitors. Our SEO copywriters write Search Engine friendly copy designed to convert traffic into customers.

The Rocket Pilots team can produce copy for your homepage, inner pages and blog. Our experienced copywriters create a consistent tone throughout the site to optimize the user experience.


We setup your site with a managed hosting service provider. Our partners are secure, lead the industry in uptime and offer 24/7 support.

Never Give Up Control Of Hosting

Many small Web Developers will say “they will host” the site for you. This is bad idea as you relinquish control to your valuable asset. Align yourself with a reputable host that will be in business for decades and a Web Development company that can successfully manage the hosting account.

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Rocket Pilot’s Web Development and Web Design Services Include:

  • Visual design concepts for your approval
  • WordPress Web Development
  • WordPress Web Design
  • Mobile Responsive website
  • Royalty free images
  • Hosting setup
  • A website ready to convert Google Ads traffic
  • A strong SEO foundation
  • Hosting setup
  • Training on WordPress dashboard
  • A professional site ready to turn visitors into revenue!

Our Recent Work

VIllas at San Bernardino

Business Name: VIllas at San Bernardino

URL: https://villasatsanbernardino.com/

The Assisted Living Home was not ranking organically or in maps in their local market.

Rocket Pilots was retained and we conducted a competitor analysis and launched a comprehensive SEO plan.

Massive improvement in both Organic SEO and map rankings. Client now ranks for over 20 core keywords. Client ranks in position 1-3 for keywords like “assisted living facilities,” ”assisted living community,” “memory care facility,” “memory care home” and more.

Bethany Homes

Business Name: Bethany Homes

URL: http://bethanyhomecare.com/

Size: Multi Location Assisted Living.

Business not ranking before Rocket Pilots was retained.

Ranking 10 Key terms on page 1 between position 1-3 for both Organic and Maps.

Organic Sessions skyrocketed in just 7 months from 241 Organic Session to over 10,000.

Lakeside Manor

Business Name: Lakeside Manor

URL: https://lakesidemanor.org/

Size: Single Location Memory Care Home.

Receiving 100% of new residents from APFM.

They now receive 80% of new residents from SEO and 20% from APFM.

Ranking for “Memory Care”, “Memory Care Lakeside” (that’s the city) and much tougher term, “Memory Care San Diego” (San Diego is very competitive).

Average vacancy rate changed from 40% to 10%.

Park Terrace at Greenway

Business Name: Park Terrace at Greenway

URL: https://www.parkterraceseniorliving.com/

Large agency running paid advertising campaigns with a high cost per lead and mostly non-qualified leads.

Rocket Pilots retained and we created a high performing funnel on Facebook that has been consistently producing results for 2 years straight.

  • Reduced Cost Per Lead by 66%
  • Increased quantity of monthly leads by 100%
  • Increased Conversion Rate by 35%

San Diego Web Development FAQ

  1.  How long will it take to build my new site?

It depends on the scope of your project. Factors that weigh into timeline are whether the site is custom or we are using a theme, number of pages and what type of features the site will have.  If the site is relatively basic and around 10-20 pages, we typically provide a 1st draft in just 10 business days.

  1.   Can Rocket Pilots help provide pictures?

Yes, absolutely. When we build your site you have access to our ShutterStock account which is loaded with Royalty Free multimedia.

  1.   How many iterations will I receive?

We don’t set a certain limit but we just expect professionalism. After each draft we will request a list of requested changes. From there, our team will get to work implementing your vision.

  1.   Will you install Google Analytics, I’d like to review traffic stats.

Of course! We would be happy to install Google Analytics and configure a few custom reports and dashboards so you can analyze the data.

  1. Will the site convert paid traffic?

We understand you’re eager to drive PPC or Facebook traffic and our sites are ready to convert cold traffic into conversions. We organize and layout your landing pages by specific product or service. This architecture is ideal for paid traffic campaigns and promotes high relevancy and high quality scores.

  1. Who will be working on my site?

An experienced team with extensive experience in Web Development, Web Design, PPC and SEO. This is actually one of our main competitive advantages. Since skilled digital marketers are involved, your site is built with attracting new clients in mind.

  1. What will you need from me to get started?

Domain provider access (like GoDaddy) so we can point the domain to the new site. Access to the host where you would like the site hosted. We will need your feedback on design and layout and any pictures, videos or copy you would like on the site.  We’ll also need your companies logo and social media profiles.

  1.  Will I lose rankings because I am launching a new site?

No, we are experts at SEO. We have re-built high traffic websites without skipping a beat on Organic traffic. We strongly consider SEO when re-building and migrating you to a brand new site.

  1.   Will you help with changes after the site is live?

Yes. We don’t leave you hanging. If you’re on a SEO plan, small changes are completed complimentary. If we are not managing an SEO plan we still sell small blocks of Web Development hours so customers have access to quick and affordable changes.

  1.  Who owns the site at completion?

You own 100% of the site and all of its assets. You also have complete and unrestricted access to the domain, content management system and host. We are there to provide professional services but we never stand in the way of you accessing your digital properties and assets.

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