Most addiction treatment facility directors know about drug rehab directories. Yet, they are not sure how helpful they can be to their marketing efforts.

Drug Rehab Directories

Online drug rehab directories are not a digital version of the yellow pages, where you have to flip endless pages. They are comprehensive platforms that enable potential clients to identify, learn about and contact your addiction treatment facility for help.

Drug rehab directories can work wonders for your addiction treatment facility. This post looks at the top drug rehab directories and how you can get listed to get found.

Citations for Local SEO

Building citations for local SEO is a crucial yet often overlooked marketing strategy for addiction treatment facilities.

What exactly are citations for local SEO?

Citation for Local SEO

These are mentions of your business name, address and phone number for a local business (NAP). They help people find local businesses and also impact local search engine rankings.

You’ll likely find citations on online directories, websites, and apps.  Most drug rehabs get listed on well-known directories such as Google My Business or Yelp. A more industry-specific approach gives you the best exposure to your potential client.

Why you need to list your facility in a drug rehab directory

Some facility owners think of drug rehab directories as massive databases. Where their listing will likely get lost in the shuffle. Fact is- these platforms have some significant benefits.

Let’s dive in.

To amplify your brand awareness

Brand Awareness

The first place people would go to find an addiction treatment facility is a search engine. Your main aim is to get on the first page of Google because most people don’t really bother going to the second page.

Most drug rehab directories have the first-page ranking, each time you look for top addiction treatment centers or its related content, a number of rehab directories pop up.

This is why you should use this opportunity to increase brand awareness for your facility and expand your reach. When a potential client performs a search in a drug rehab directory, it will display a list of facilities, each with a brief snapshot so that they can decide which one to click on to learn more.

This means that even if the potential client doesn’t click on your listing, they can still see your facility. Each encounter they have with it increases their familiarity with your brand, this eventually warms them up for further engagement.

To increase web traffic

Increase Web Traffic

By listing your facility in a drug rehab directory, you’re increasing your chances of driving referral traffic to your website. Once you submit to one rehab directory, you’ll usually find that your information gets transferred to other directories as well.

Smaller directories pull information from large directories to build automated listings. Sometimes, they end up transferring incorrect information so you have to double check your information and update your listing for accurate information.

In addition, most directories include sections for reviews, this plays a key role in influencing the decision of your potential client. A study by Moz reveals that online reviews influence  67% of customers.

To improve your local visibility

Drug rehab directories help users narrow down their search to their nearest geographical location. They have a filtering system and advanced suggesting capabilities to make your facility visible to your local community.

Local SEO Optimization

To help optimize your presence in drug rehab directories, follow these specific actions:

  • Update changes to your business information like phone numbers and address change.
  • Maintain consistent information across different directories
  • Pay attention to apostrophes, abbreviations and how you write your business name
  • Create separate listings for multiple locations
  • Use local telephone numbers
  • Monitor and update listings

To strengthen your reputation

Overdose is the leading cause of accidental death among Americans below the age of 50. The need for treatment and recovery services has led to the rapid growth in detox and addiction treatment service providers.

Even though a good majority of these programs offer quality care to help addicts achieve long-term remission, we have seen the rise of rehab scams and various patient abuses.

These unethical addiction marketing practices have made patients and families in desperate need of treatment very cautious about which facilities to trust.

This is where online drug rehab directories can be helpful because they are usually seen as a reliable source of trustworthy facilities that have been vetted.

Getting listed in these directories shows that you’re not just another shell company hiding behind a facade. Most directories go the extra mile to include customer a section for customer reviews.


On the other hand, some addiction facilities fear negative reviews so much that they opt not to get listed. Good online reputation management can prevent bad reviews and increase your chances for making a good first impression on prospective clients.

Keep in mind that the cost of one bad review is outweighed by the benefits of many positive ones. In addition, a mix of reviews strengthens your reputation, it shows that you’re an honest facility with nothing to hide.

These reviews also expand word of mouth advertising that can send referral traffic to your website seeking your services.

The cost of registering with a drug rehab directory

Some drug rehab directories will charge you for getting listed while others will offer to register your business for free. The paid directories include services to boost your business, add videos and call tracking.

Components of a local citation

Listing your addiction treatment facility on a directory usually involves your facility’s name, address, and phone number. Furthermore, it can include a link to a designated page of your website.

Other elements include categories, images, reviews, owner responses, taglines, open hours, email addresses and alternate phone numbers.

How We Reviewed

Drug rehab directories Review

With so many directories for drug rehabs, identifying the right ones can be a time-consuming task. This is why the Rocket Pilots team did the heavy lifting for you and came up with top drug rehab directories worth your while.

To come up with an unbiased review, we looked at domain authority- a search engine ranking score that shows how a website (a directory) ranks on search engine result pages (SERPs). The scores usually range from 1-100, where a high score corresponds to a high ability to rank.

When you get your facility listed in a site that ranks well on SERPs, it improves your chances of being found by potential clients.

Top 10 Online Drug Rehab Directories

Below is the list of the best drug rehab directories where you should get your facility listed in order of domain authority.

Psychology Today

Psychology Today’s directory has a comprehensive directory of treatment facilities as well as therapists and psychiatrists. The directory lists treatment centers across the country.

It also has an amazing resource that focuses on psychological issues and information for people seeking help for addiction.

Psychology Today has a domain authority of 92 out of 100- the highest in this list. So getting listed here is a no brainer.


SAMSHA stands for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. It’s an agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that take the lead in public health efforts to reduce the negative impact of substance abuse.

SAMSHA’s domain authority stands at 86 out of 100. This is one of the first places to ensure you get your facility listed. Make sure you submit to their current 2019 list of addiction treatment centers.

To add your facility to SAMSHA, you have to fill out an online application form to the Inventory of Behavioral Health Services (I-BHS). The office then contacts the state representative for substance abuse treatment facilities to ensure your facility is an eligible treatment service provider.

Once approved, you get listed in SAMSHA’s locator within a month. To get a continued listing, respond to the annual National Mental Health Services Survey and the annual National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services. You will get automatic access to these surveys at the end of March once you are added to their database. is the most popular online drug rehab directory with a domain authority of 63 out of 100.

It was developed by Recovery Brands, a subsidiary of the American Addiction Centers (ACC). ACC is a leading provider of residential and outpatient addiction treatment services.

It collects user reviews from facility alumni, staff, referral networks and other members of the treatment community who are familiar with its operations. Then, these user reviews undergo quality checkpoints that ensure the information provided is accurate. also provides an advertising platform called client reach, where you can create a customized listing to drive phone calls to your addiction treatment facility.

AddictionCenter is an informative resource centered around offering helpful information for people in search of addiction treatment.

The information is well organized into four sections. This help people find all they need to know about alcohol and drug addiction, treatment process and more of a support group in the community section.

Drug rehab facilities can add their own listing and get featured. Users can find your rehab using either a ZIP code, state or city. This site has a domain authority ranking of 54 out of 100. is a privately funded treatment resource site and directory. It provides valuable information about addiction, dual diagnosis, and alcoholism.

It also seeks to provide addiction assessment and treatment referral services for free. has a domain authority score of 50 out of 100 so it’s a great place to list your facility.

Sober Nation

The Sober Nation offers advertising opportunities for vetted addiction treatment facilities.

It boasts a wide variety of content as well as social media that drives traffic through its recovery advocates.

It has a domain authority of 49 out of 100 and it also features a secondary directory site called Sober

Detox local

Detox Local features a  great resource for those starting their recovery journey. It has a helpful resource harm reduction practices.

Their drug detox directory has detox programs throughout the country to make it easier for people to access treatment services near their homes.

Its domain authority is 43 out of 100 making it an ideal choice for facilities to partner with and market their services.

Your First Step

Your First Step provides a massive treatment center directory with qualified addiction treatment specialists.

It also takes into consideration that some centers are better at treating drug addiction while others excel at treating alcoholism. So it provides categories such as 12 step treatment centers or integrated treatment centers to make the process simpler for those looking for specialized treatment services near them.

Your First Step ranks highly for “addiction treatment center” keywords so you should leverage on increasing your online visibility by getting listed here. In addition, it has a domain authority score of 42 out of 100.

The Recover

The Recover directory provides a comprehensive list of drug rehab centers with all levels of care. It’s the only site on this list that offers daily news to encourage new visitors to their site on a daily basis.

Its facilities are classified by location with categories for both luxury and affordable rehabs to suit different preferences. The Recover has a domain authority ranking of 39 out of 100. is a great resource to help searchers understand addiction and rehab programs. The directory contains a list of drug rehab centers across U.S. and Canada.

It goes a step further to compile resources available in specific states for those with substance abuse issues. It also has a tool to help users find the top-ranked rehabs in their state. has a domain authority score of 36 out of 100.

Drug rehab directories are a great way to generate quality leads to your addiction treatment facility. Getting listed with directories takes many forms, some are free, some you pay a monthly fee while others offer opportunities to add more information and visuals.

Remember that some directories will provide links to your website but others will only allow nofollow links. Both options are good for your drug rehab exposure, it builds credibility and promotes brand awareness.

Therefore, registering with top drug rehab directories like those listed here is one of the most effective ways to make connections with those seeking your services.

It can be overwhelming thinking of how much more there is to the online presence. Take a deep breath! You don’t have to do it alone.

If you find it a challenge to keep up with everything on your own, Contact Us Today for a free consultation. We can help you boost your online presence through better drug rehab SEO practices.