For an addiction treatment facility, reputation is key to gain the trust of potential clients. When a patient goes to a rehab center, they want to know that they are getting the best care.

Reputation Management

It’s imperative to build a strong online presence and establish your addiction treatment facility as an authority in the field. Drug Rehab SEO is a great way to get your addiction treatment facility on the map without being intrusive to your potential clients.

One of the best ways to improve your online authority is by guest blogging. It gives you the chance to prove your credibility as a valuable informational source. That and the fact that it gives you instant exposure to targeted traffic.

This article is meant to help you better understand how to incorporate guest blogging as part of your overall content marketing strategy.

Facing Reality


The sad truth is that addiction is at its worst levels in American history. This is partly due to unscrupulous dark web ‘pharmacies’ and the lax security at our ports and borders.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that the addiction treatment industry keeps growing despite shady facilities being shut down.

This means that you have to stand out from addiction treatment facilities offering similar services. You have to dispel any fears your potential clientele have that you are among the shady facilities.

Rehab centers consist of three critical pillars for a complete continuum of care. These include:

  • Detoxification
  • Rehabilitation
  • Sober living

This is why addiction centers can operate as a single location detox center, a sober living accommodation or even as a rehab facility in multiple locations with the three pillars.

Drug Addiction

As you can see, the addiction treatment industry is not only broad but also competitive. Instead of waiting for clients to come to your site, you can distribute quality content through popular blogs. This makes you come across as a rehab center that’s recognized by trustworthy brands enhancing your credibility.

What is Guest Blogging?Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a content marketing technique where you write and publish a blog post to another website in order to promote your brand.

Google has strict warnings against spammy guest posts. By spam, I mean low-quality content that is not original. When you publish spam on someone else’s site, it affects your search engine rankings as well as theirs.

We’ll cover this in more detail under the guest blogging best practices section.

How can an Addiction Treatment Center Benefit from Guest Blogging?

You might be wondering:

Why would I want to dedicate my precious time to write a free blog post for someone else’s website?

Fortunately, here are just a few answers to why rehab centers need to start guest blogging.

To create brand awareness

Contributing high-quality articles to other blogs give your facility exposure to targeted traffic.

Reaching potential clients through an established platform makes readers realize that trustworthy brands know who you are.

Due to this, they are more receptive to the value propositions you provide in your own site.

To generate qualified leads

Guest blogging allows you to connect with people who are already interested in addiction treatment services. This makes it easier to move readers from the awareness stage to the consideration stage of the sales cycle.

Guest Blogging Domain Authority

Provide potential leads with informational content then move them down the funnel by taking them to your email form. An effective way to do this is by creating a lead magnet that is relevant to the content in your guest post. Then share the link to the landing page of your lead magnet in your guest writer bio section.

When the potential leads become your email subscribers, you’ll be better able to explain how you can help them learn to become and remain sober.

To establish yourself as an authority

Once you establish this sense of authority, clients feel more confident that you can help them. It brings trust with the potential client even before the initial point of contact.

Use the guest post to establish yourself as a thought leader within the addiction treatment industry. For instance, the government declared opioid addiction a national public health emergency.

You can use this chance to prove that you are a credible source of information. Write an elaborate guest post around this topic and cover drug abuse, why people get addicted, mental health issues, signs, treatment options and the rehabilitation process.

Steps to Successful Guest Blogging

To make the most out of guest blogging opportunities, follow these steps

Guest blogging steps

Know your guest blogging goals

The first step is to determine the goals you want to achieve from guest blogging for your addiction treatment facility.

Is it to position yourself as an authority? Do you want to drive traffic back to your site? Is it to improve SEO and attract inbound links?

This helps you determine the blogs you need to target for guest blogging. For instance, to establish yourself as an authority and grow traffic, you should find a blog that has an engaged audience.

On the other hand, if you want to attract inbound links, you will have to look for blogs with strong domain authority. The right content can even help you achieve all three objectives.

How to find guest blogging targets

The second step is to find sites that are relevant to the addiction treatment industry.

You could start by looking for blogs with content focused on addictions, drug and substance abuse, detoxification, rehabilitation, and sober living.

Next, look at the audience of the blog and assess whether it has an engaged readership. You can do this by checking out the posts shared on social media and the comments section.

Another important consideration is whether the blog owner is active on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. This lets you know that your guest post will be promoted.

How to find a site that accepts guest posts

Here are some techniques you can use to find sites to write your guest posts.

Google search

You can utilize Google to find sites that accept guest posts on topics you’d like to write about. Some search queries you can use include:

Your keyword “guest post”

The keyword “submit a guest post”

Your keyword “guest posting guidelines”

For example, when you type “addiction treatment” + “guest post guidelines”, the following comes up:

Guest posting guideline

Competitor backlinks

Sometimes, sites don’t advertise that they accept guest posts. Competitor backlinks come in handy at such occasions. You might have come across the backlink analysis of your competitor when doing your SEO campaign.

Backlinks are links to an external website. When a website links to another, it signals to search engines that others vouch for your content. This, in turn, has a positive effect on search visibility.

You can find sites ranking for many keywords in the addiction treatment industry. Some tools you can use to spy on your competition include SEMrush, BuzzSumo or Ahrefs. Next, make use of tools such as Open Site Explorer to view their backlinks and check out the blogs they have written for.


AllTop lists the best blogs in almost every industry. You can use it to identify top addiction treatment sites. Just type in your topic and you will get a list of the top blogs.

Twitter search

You can also find great guest blogging opportunities on Twitter. Just head over to Twitter and type ‘addiction treatment” guest post. You will find the latest tweets and simply follow the given links to check out which blogs currently accept guest posts.

Site assessment

You have to determine whether writing a guest post for a specific site is really worth it. Therefore, the next step is to run a background check for the websites you found.

You can use Moz’s Link Explorer to determine the domain authority for the site. Similarly, you could look at social media followers to get an idea of the size of your target audience.

You could also opt for Alexa ranking to determine current site traffic and scroll through the guest bios of others to ensure you will get the credit needed to send readers to your site.

Connect with the site owner

The next step is to warm up to the site owner before sending a pitch. This will make it easier to get accepted when you ask to write a guest post.

You could do this by sharing their posts on social media sites. Another way is to leave insightful comments on their site.

Choosing a winning topic

To find a topic to pitch, you have to perform a content audit. This helps you to identify the types of content that generate the most traffic and social shares.

Use the sidebar to find the site’s most popular posts. You could also use BuzzSumo to find trending addiction treatment topics.

In addition, look at other guest posts to get an idea of what the site owner is looking for in posts. Is it a case study? A list post? An extensive tutorial? Remember to familiarize yourself with their guest post guidelines as well.

Preparing the pitch

Find out whether the blog owner prefers a full post or an idea. For the latter, ensure the pitch is short and precise.

Address the site owner by name and show the post title in the subject line or as a secondary heading within the text.

Show familiarity with site content and the reader’s needs then briefly describe what the post will be about using bullet points.

Next, show how the post will help their readers and your qualifications for writing it.

Writing great content

Once your pitch gets accepted, the next step is to write the guest post. To make your guest post as awesome as you can, consider the following:

Guest Blogging Content

  • The guest post is not about you so any information about your addiction treatment services should go to the author bio section. Only use occasional mentions and examples to illustrate a point.
  • Make sure that you format the guest post like ones on the site. Look at how they use bold, quotes or images.
  • Include some internal links to their posts
  • Add a call to action for comments

The perfect guest post Bio

The bio is mostly where your efforts pay off in guest blogging. This is primarily because it’s usually the only place you can include a link back to your website and services.

What you include here depends on your guest blogging goals. Therefore, if your goal is to get backlinks, ensure that your target anchor text includes a link back to your site.

On the other hand, if your goal is to gain more followers on social media platforms, add a “follow me on (your preferred social platform)” at the end of your bio.

If your goal is to obtain more traffic to your site, you might want to direct readers to a custom landing page for your services page.

Consider using a lead magnet to get signups from people who like the content you have written and want to know more about your addiction treatment services.

Track success

It is important to determine if your guest blogging strategy is working. That means using some helpful tools such as Google Analytics Advanced Segments.

You can enter the guest posting domains in the Source dimensions of a Guest Post segment to check out the guest posts that have driven the best traffic to your website.

You could even opt for the Referral Path dimension if you have added comments on posts by others.

Guest Blogging Best Practices

Back in 2014, Matt Cutts, head of Website Spam at Google published a post that went viral on “The Decay and Fall of Guest Blogging for SEO”.

Spumy EmailHe was mostly concerned with people using spammy guest posts to manipulate search engine rankings.

When guest blogging, always remember that you’re doing it for more than just for link building.

Your primary objective has to be to educate the target audience about your addiction treatment services and to add value with helpful information. A link back to your site should come as a secondary objective.

Here are a few tips for an ethical approach to guest blogging for your addiction treatment facility.

  • Only write for relevant sites in your industry
  • Write for sites where content gets curated for quality
  • Do not use similar keywords as your anchor text for each link you get from guest posts
  • Avoid keyword stuffing. Write for the target audience
  • Avoid spinning the same article for multiple sites
  • Do not use guest blogging as your only link building strategy

Some link building strategies you can leverage include using infographics, eBooks, guides or online directories for addiction treatment centers.

Finally, you can use guest blogging to expand your networks. Accept guest posts to your sites for cross-promotion content as well as expert interviews.

Over to You…

Do you have any experience guest blogging for your addiction treatment facility? I always enjoy hearing from readers. So share your thoughts, experiences, and questions in the comments section below.

If you’d like some professional consulting on how to implement guest blogging for your addiction treatment facility, don’t hesitate to contact me directly for a complimentary consultation. I hope to hear from you soon.