Many companies use paid search ads to land new clients and grow their business. Your garage door company can join them!

Local Service Ads


Paid search ads offer businesses the opportunity to advertise their products and services above the organic search results on search engines. A good example of paid search ads is Google Ads. Companies who advertise on the Google search engine have their ads placed above the organic results. When a searcher clicks on their ad, the company pays Google for the click. 

This model of online advertising is called pay-per-click (PPC). The great thing about paid search ads is that any company regardless of size can use it to get more leads.

While Google Ads is a popular way of getting started with paid search ads, Google Local Service Ads is another. Google Local service ads (LSA) is like Google Ads with one big difference: LSA offers brick and mortar businesses the chance to generate leads from searchers who live near their business.  

Let’s dive into Google local service ads and why it’s important for garage door companies to take advantage of. 

Google Local Service Ads and How It Works

Local Search Marketing

Google local service ads (LSA) is an advertising format from Google that allows local businesses to show their listings above regular Google ads, Google business listings and organic search results in response to a search query. LSA is a Google offering that businesses with physical locations can use to land leads when locally based clients search for their services.

A typical LSA listing has a business name, location, business hours, reviews and phone number. Searchers can call a business directly from the search result page without visiting the company’s website. Say Julius in Mission Valley, San Diego wants to fix his garage door. When he searches for garage door SEO in San Diego, the search result will look like this:

Garage door SERP


Julius can view more and refine listings by clicking on the drop-down menu with “More Garage Door Pros in San Diego” and adding his zip code and the service he wants.

Garage door company SEO

Once Julius picks a company, he can call them directly from the search page without going to their website. If Julius used his smartphone to search for garage door companies, the listings shown for LSA will be only two:

Garage door search on Google

He can also expand the results as shown above by clicking on “30+ Garage Door Pros nearby”. The beauty of local search ads is that Google vets all the business and has a guarantee that increases clients’ trust, thus making it easy for garage door companies to land new leads. Unlike Google Ads where you pay-per-click, you only pay Google for each qualified lead they send your garage door company when you use local service ads. 

Why Garage Door Company Should Be Using Google Local Service Ads

Paid Search Marketing

Local service ads sound like a great way to get more leads for your garage door company, here are more reasons you should use it:

Pay for only qualified leads

This is one of the biggest benefits of using LSA. Companies who use Google Ads pay for clicks that may not necessarily convert. This can be a big issue if the average CPC for your industry is high. But the payment model is different in LSA.

Your garage door business is only paying Google for each qualified and valid lead that comes via local service ads. Google accepts a lead as valid if you

  • Receive a text message or email from the customer.
  • Receive a voicemail from the customer.
  • Answer a phone call and speak with the customer.
  • Receive a missed call (without a voicemail), and you return the customer’s message with a text message, email or call where you either speak with the customer or leave a voicemail.

Google won’t charge you for invalid leads like spam calls, someone calls you for a service not listed on your profile or the customer is in a location not listed on your profile, etc. You can dispute charges on your dashboard.

Increase the reach of your online ads

Local service ads occupy prime real estate on the SERP and are the first thing searchers see. Thus they can affect how searchers convert. Some searchers will click your LSA listing and convert it from there. Others who visit your website may not convert directly from your ad. They may read reviews on your LSA listing and then visit your website before converting. Local service ads increase your reach and improve conversions.

Build trust with Google Guarantee

One of the biggest issues with any online business is trust. Imagine a renowned company like Google vouching for your garage door business and telling searchers that Google trust you to do a great job.

Google Guarantee

Google Guarantee is a green checkmark badge that Google gives to businesses that have passed their screening and verification process through local service ads. It is a powerful seal of endorsement that carries a $2000 lifetime cap that Google can use to refund customers unsatisfied with the quality of your services. This covers the amount on the invoice for the job your garage door company did, provided the job was booked through LSA.

Google Guarantee is one powerful way to build trust with clients. Customers who select your garage door company know they are protected and you will do an excellent job because Google is guaranteeing that you will.

Showcase positive reviews

Local service ads have reviews and ratings from past customers. This is another way to build trust as potential clients can view what others who have used your company to repair their garage doors thought of your services. 

Appear in voice search results

The rise of smart speakers and virtual assistants has made voice search very popular. In the US, 42% of adults use voice search. Google says that voice search accounts for 20% of all searches on its platform. Local service ads are one way your garage door company can appear in the results when people use voice search.

Shorter maintenance time

Unlike traditional Google Ads where you have to tweak your ads and research keywords, local services ads have way shorter maintenance time. Your ads are triggered when terms relating to your business from broader terms like “garage door repair” to specific terms like “garage door is open at the bottom after closing”. The best part about LSA is that your ads are created automatically using information from your profile.

Getting Started with Google Local Service Ads

Let’s jump into how you can use Google local service ads for your:

Confirm eligibility

While Google local service ads work in major cities in the US, confirm if you are eligible to use the service by adding your location and business type here.

Select your state, add your zip code, and choose “garage door pro”. Click yes to the insurance and license question. And then check eligibility.

Confirm Eligibility

If you are eligible, you will need to sign up and then create your business profile. Local service ads are managed separately from traditional ads you create in Google Ads.

Create a business profile

The information on your business profile will determine the jobs you get. Be honest when filling in your information (the job types your company handles and the areas you service) as you will pay for leads you get through your ads.

Create a business profile

You can choose your weekly budget, business hours, service areas and job types from your business profile. You can also add highlights to your profile which may be shown with your ads on the SERP.

ads on the serp

Highlights (like locally owned, free estimates, military discounts, etc.) can differentiate your garage door company from others in your area. While highlights are not mandatory, Google recommends you add 2-5 to your profile.

Add your license and insurance information

For your garage door company to get the Google Guarantee and run local service ads, you will need to provide proof that your business is licensed and insured. Make sure all your paperwork is current and up to date. Submit your general liability insurance details and your professional license.

If your city or state has any special licenses for your business, you also need to upload that. This is to ensure that your company is compliant in the areas you operate in.

Complete a background check

Because your company and workers will interact with Google users offline, Google wants to make sure that your business is safe and trustworthy. Therefore, all local services advertisers have to undergo a background check.

Background checks for garage door companies involve business, owner and field professional checks. Your company will need general liability insurance, owner license, and business license at the state level. Google uses Pickerton to perform background checks in the US. Background checks are free.

Important Things to Know About Google LSA for Your Garage Door Company

Local Marketing

With a complete business profile, you can launch ads and begin managing your account.

Managing leads and budget

Once you launch your ads, you can manage your leads and weekly budget.


You will only get new leads once your local service ad is up and running. You can access your dashboard by going here or using the Android or iOS app. On your dashboard, find leads on the drop-down menu and click on it.

The leads in your dashboard are not yet booked jobs. Follow up with each lead to turn it into a conversion. Click on a single lead and read up on the details like job location, type and listen to any voicemails. Based on the information they provide, you can choose to:

  • Send a text or email replying to the customer.
  • Call the customer.
  • Decline the job. Once declined, that lead will be removed and the customer will be notified with your reason for refusing the job. You can also get back the declined lead if things change.

After talking to your leads and confirming jobs, you can then mark them as booked. You can use this to track booked jobs, send confirmations to customers, get reviews and track your ROI.


You can change your weekly budget from your business profile. Since Google charges you per lead, raising or lowering your weekly budget will affect the number of leads you get each week. Google recommends you budget for 20 leads per week if you are just starting out. Like in Google Ads, your weekly spend may be higher or lower than your budget but it will never exceed your monthly budget.

Ad rank in local search ads

Because space is limited, getting your ads to appear on the SERP is a big deal. On a desktop, Google shows up to 3 LSAs while mobile and Google Assistant show 2 and 1 LSAs, respectively. This is where ad rank comes in.

Unlike traditional ads where your ad rank is based on quality score, Google calculates your ad rank in local service ads by looking at:

  • How close your garage door company is to the customer’s location
  • The number of ratings you have and your review score
  • How responsive you are to customer queries and inquiries
  • Your business hours
  • Whether Google has received complaints about your garage door business.

How to get reviews

Getting reviews

Because Google uses reviews to calculate your ad rank, asking customers to rate your services is important. Google lets you ask customers who booked your services to give your garage door company reviews.

From your dashboard, you can review the jobs you complete for customers and ask them directly to give you a review. Always personalize your message asking customers for reviews. And ask for reviews while your interaction with the customer is still fresh.


Paid search ads are an integral part of a great marketing strategy. Using Google local service ads and other marketing strategies will take your garage door company to the next level.

As always, I enjoy hearing from garage door professionals who are already using Google local service ads. How has Google LSA impacted your business? Are you seeing an uptick in leads and conversions?

Leave a comment below. You can contact me directly for more questions.