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Custom Marketing Plans

At Rocket Pilots, we create Custom Marketing Plans that address your specific marketing challenges, industry and revenue goals.

We advocate a well-rounded approach inclusive of Paid Advertising Campaigns and Search Engine Optimization Campaigns. A balanced and disciplined marketing plan allows for maximum exposure and ongoing testing. This approach allows us to spend less or stop non converting publishers. From there, we allocate budget to publishers and campaigns that have proven to be successful. Because we are obsessed with making data driven decisions, we spend your budget wisely. As a result, we increase conversions while lowering your customer acquisition cost.

Our Custom Marketing Plans include a variety of marketing tactics like Local SEO, Technical SEO, and On-Page SEO and Off Page SEO. On the paid side, we include PPC campaigns on big publishers like Google and the Yahoo/Bing network, Facebook Advertising and Retargeting. In addition to Paid and Organic tactics, we produce original content to boost rankings and increase your brand’s credibility.

Rocket Pilot’s Founder and President Brian Hansen acts as your remote Director of Digital Marketing. His team aids in the execution of the custom plan and reporting on all platforms.

A crucial part of our Custom Marketing Plans is content marketing. Consequently, expect high quality blog postings, product pages, curated content and even product explainer videos. All of your content will be shared across your Social Media Properties. Since your Social following is important, we want to ensure your followers are engaging with your content and regularly interacting with your brand.

New traffic to your website will be great but revenue will be better. Therefore, we highlight the positive ROI through our frequent and transparent reporting.

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Our Custom Marketing Plans could include the following:

  • Comprehensive SEO Solutions
  • Pay per Click Campaigns on Google
  • Paid advertising on Facebook
  • Pay Per Click on the Yahoo/Bing Network
  • Creation of Ad Creatives known to Convert
  • Web Retargeting & Facebook Retargeting campaigns
  • Funnel Marketing
  • Ongoing Production of high quality content like blog posts, videos and infographics
  • Sharing of your content to Social Media properties
  • Link Building Campaigns
  • Crystal clear reporting to show progress and Return on Invest