Assisted Living Marketing

At Rocket Pilots, we work with single location homes with 15 beds to 40 location national assisted living communities.


We specialize in helping Assisted Living communities attract new residents through expert level digital marketing.

Through hard work, hundreds of conversations with Assisted Living owners, running different marketing campaigns and extensive testing, we have learned what marketing tactics are effective for facilities of all sizes.

We understand the marketing challenges Assisted Living owners and marketing executives face on a daily basis. The experience of the Rocket Pilots team can help you solve these challenges, stay current with ever changing search engine updates and ultimately increase your return on advertising spend.

Assisted Living Marketing
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Our Experience

It’s important for Assisted Living communities to avoid a consultant or agency that does not specialize in Assisted Living. You don’t want to fund someone’s education while you have vacancies and need to increase the occupancy rate.

The Rocket Pilots team is deeply experienced with all the granular details associated with creating omnichannel marketing campaigns for Assisted Living.

We understand how to best utilize all the major platforms to find prospective residents or loved ones of prospective residents at different stages of the decision making process.


We learn about your home, community or facility to thoroughly understand your needs. Through a series of fact finding questions, we better understand the priorities and create plans to achieve long term and short term goals.

Your goals, current marketing performance and budget help us to determine which services to recommend.

Assisted Living Strategy
Assisted Living Buyer Personas

Buyer Personas

Novice Assisted Living marketers do not understand the distinction between the recipient of the marketing message and the actual resident. At Rocket Pilots, we know we are typically marketing to the sons, daughters, grandchildren or other loved ones and rarely to your actual resident.

This knowledge helps us craft compelling ad copy and target the correct demographic across the internet.


We align our marketing solutions with your budget, market conditions, short term and long term objectives.

We offer the following services to Assisted Living and Memory Care homes and communities:


We are Assisted Living SEO experts. Our offering includes a focus on citations and Local SEO to ensure your prominence in Google Maps.


Through extensive testing, we have discovered a winning formula for Assisted Living campaigns on Google Ads and Microsoft Ads (Yahoo/Bing) campaigns.


We leverage your media assets to create high converting funnels on Facebook. With Zapier involved, we update your team in real-time when a highly qualified prospect requests a tour.

Link Building

Our database of Healthcare publishers facilitate outreach campaigns which result in relevant backlinks that help improve your sites Organic rankings.


We write long form blog posts to engage prospective residents on your blog and Social Media platforms like Facebook and Google My Business.

Web Development

We understand your users and create engaging websites designed to fit the scrolling habits of your Assisted Living communities age demographic.

Avoiding Expensive Placements Fees

There are many large well funded directory listings in the Assisted Living industry taking up valuable space on the Search Engine Results page.

We place a large emphasis on Local SEO tactics in combination with paid advertising campaigns in order to fight against large directories that charge exorbitant fees for placements.

We have helped several communities rely less on referral partners and become self-sufficient in generating their own qualified leads.

Avoiding Expensive Placements Fees


VIllas at San Bernardino

Business Name: VIllas at San Bernardino


The Assisted Living Home was not ranking organically or in maps in their local market.

Rocket Pilots was retained and we conducted a competitor analysis and launched a comprehensive SEO plan.

Massive improvement in both Organic SEO and map rankings. Client now ranks for over 20 core keywords. Client ranks in position 1-3 for keywords like “assisted living facilities,” ”assisted living community,” “memory care facility,” “memory care home” and more.

Bethany Homes

Business Name: Bethany Homes


Size: Multi Location Assisted Living.

Business not ranking before Rocket Pilots was retained.

Ranking 10 Key terms on page 1 between position 1-3 for both Organic and Maps.

Organic Sessions skyrocketed in just 7 months from 241 Organic Session to over 10,000.

Lakeside Manor

Business Name: Lakeside Manor


Size: Single Location Memory Care Home.

Receiving 100% of new residents from APFM.

They now receive 80% of new residents from SEO and 20% from APFM.

Ranking for “Memory Care”, “Memory Care Lakeside” (that’s the city) and much tougher term, “Memory Care San Diego” (San Diego is very competitive).

Average vacancy rate changed from 40% to 10%.

Park Terrace at Greenway

Business Name: Park Terrace at Greenway


Large agency running paid advertising campaigns with a high cost per lead and mostly non-qualified leads.

Rocket Pilots retained and we created a high performing funnel on Facebook that has been consistently producing results for 2 years straight.

  • Reduced Cost Per Lead by 66%
  • Increased quantity of monthly leads by 100%
  • Increased Conversion Rate by 35%

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