The insane targeting options and creative freedom Facebook offers make it the most effective social media channel for marketing. That and the fact that the sheer volume of Facebook users provides a lucrative opportunity for you to connect with seniors or family members in search of an assisted living facility.

The updated Facebook algorithm prioritizes paid content over organic reach. As a result, competition in Facebook advertising continues to ramp up. To get better results from your Facebook campaigns, you have to go beyond the basics.

Today we’ll cover the advanced Facebook marketing strategies you need to fine-tune your ads to maximize conversions.

1. Utilize Pages to Watch

Facebook Pages to Watch feature enables you to check out other Facebook pages. You’ll be able to compare the activity, audience growth, and engagement of your competitor’s Facebook Pages. You’ll also get useful information about current trends in the assisted living community.

Your Facebook Page needs to have a minimum of 100 fans to be able to create a Pages to Watch list. It’s located in the Insights section of your page. Another great benefit is being able to see the type of content they post, the exact time they post as well as the frequency. With this information, you’ll be able to tailor your own updates effectively.

2. Maximize Your Facebook Ad Relevance

To improve the relevance of your ads and boost their engagement rate, Facebook features the asset customization for the placements tool. Before asset customization, you could only deliver an optimized creative by segmenting ad sets by placements.

Placements across Facebook have a different aspect ratio, image size, and ad copy requirements. An ad that looks great in your Facebook feed could look bad in Instagram stories. If you wanted to deliver optimal creative assets for your placements before asset customization, you’d have to create several ad sets for each placement delivery option.

You can enable this feature in the Edit Placements section. You’ll be able to customize your creative for these placements:

  • Audience network rewarded videos
  • Audience network banner
  • Facebook feeds
  • Instagram stories

Once you select the relevant placements, scroll down to the ad level to customize your image creative. It’s worth noting that some objectives, placements, and formats won’t work with asset customization.

Facebook marketing strategy

3. Leverage the Campaign Compare Feature

It’s important to know which Facebook campaign delivers the most conversions at the lowest cost. The Campaign Compare feature lets you do just that. It uses Facebook’s lift metric that ensures you don’t have to view results through attribution windows. This allows you to determine the true impact of your Facebook campaigns.

The Campaign Compare feature is located in the Test and Learn tool. To access it, open the Ads Manager and click on the Measure and Report column to get to the Test and Learn dashboard.

Next, choose two campaigns you’d like to compare. It’s advisable to have only one variable change. For instance, you could choose a Facebook campaign with the same placements and ad creative but one utilizes the Traffic objective while the other uses the Conversion objective.

The next step is to select the event action to track. The last step is choosing your test duration. To check out your results, your Facebook campaigns need to generate a minimum of 100 conversion actions for the event tracked. It’s good practice to choose the time frame in which 100 conversions will be acquired. Keep reading to learn more about our Facebook marketing strategies.

4. Use the Split-test Feature to Determine Profitable Audiences

Facebook’s split testing tool helps you to identify your best performing ads. You have the option of creating a split test for comparing the following variables.

  • Delivery optimization
  • Creative
  • Audience
  • Placement

You can create up to five versions for each test to be sure of what works.

Use the split test feature throughout your sales funnel to target different audiences including the cold, warm, and hot leads. For instance, you can find the most responsive audience to your ads by split testing various cold audiences.

For instance, video content is one of the most effective ways to turn cold audiences into warm leads. This not only builds awareness but also increases engagement levels for your assisted living facility.

The audience split test and video view objective inform you of the type of audience that generates the lowest cost in video views. Therefore, you’ll have to create a split test that compares a lookalike audience and a saved audience created from interests.

5. Use the Lowest Cost Cap Bidding

The amount you spend to reach a potential client partly depends on the bid you make to reach them. Facebook enables the lowest cost in your ad sets by default.

To improve your campaign performance, change your bidding auction from lowest cap to lowest- cost cap. This helps you prevent costs from rising beyond an amount you’re comfortable with. 

To maximize efficiency with the lowest cost cap, consider using actual budgets. This allows you to optimize Facebook campaigns against your goals. When you hit your cost control mark, delivery slows down. To maintain the same cost control, you can either update your creative or expand your audience in order to boost delivery.

6. Use Event-based Lookalike Audiences to Your Advantage

Facebook’s lookalike audiences help you target cold audiences. Even though you can create multiple lookalike audiences, the event-based lookalike is an important audience.

You can take note of the actions that matter to your assisted living facility using the Facebook Pixel. After this, create your website custom audiences to categorize these potential clients into a new audience. You can use it to come up with a new lookalike audience.

Facebook Logo

7. Embed Your Facebook Videos Directly

Facebook live videos generate 135% more engagement than other types of posts. However, only 3% of video content gets posted on Facebook. You should make video a key part of your content marketing. 

One way of using Facebook live videos is by doing a question and answer video that addresses the concerns of your assisted living community. You can also use it to give potential clients an insider view of your facility. Ensure you embed these videos directly on Facebook. Videos directly embedded on Facebook drive more engagement compared to those embedded on YouTube and then placed on Facebook with a link.

8. Post Your Images through Instagram

Instead of directly posting your images on Facebook, use Instagram instead. A study found that images posted through Instagram get 23% more engagement. Considering the high level of engagement Instagram receives, this all makes sense.

Furthermore, engagement with brands on Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook. Don’t forget this simple step to boost engagement levels to your assisted living facility.

9. Crowdsource Decisions

Drive engagement to your assisted living facility by involving your Facebook audience in making key decisions. For instance, you could ask them to choose your new logo or the Facebook background to use.

This is not only a natural catalyst for engagement but also lets your assisted living community know you’re genuinely interested in their opinions.

10. Post Images via Instagram

According to Buzzsumo, images posted through Instagram receive 23% more engagement. In addition, Instagram has insane engagement levels that Brand Watch reported the engagement that brands get on Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook. 

Posting your images through Instagram can positively impact your engagement levels. So skip posting your images directly on Facebook and follow this effective yet simple technique.

Wrapping It All Up

Take advantage of these advanced Facebook marketing strategies to take your initiative acquiring more leads for your assisted living facility to the next level. These strategies could help you attract more followers, schedule more tours and ultimately fill vacancies faster. 

If you find these advanced Facebook marketing tactics too complex, you don’t have to do it all alone! My team has a wealth of experience in Facebook advertising to seniors. Contact us today and take your Facebook marketing strategies to a whole new level.